bigstock-Chakras-Woman-Description-Engl-65593939 Do you feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy?

Do you notice that you sometimes get upset without any reason?

Do you experience a draining feeling after being in a particular location like work, a hospital or airport?

If you experience anything similar to the questions above then your charkas are probably crying out for help!

Now there is a solution to feeling drained by people or situations, chakra clearing!

This 9 week transformational journey into the world of chakras will help you understand the why these energy bodies are so important.

You will discover what the chakras represent as well as how to clear and balance them. Everything you need to know about chakras is available to you with this easy to use course!

All the information is in video form with two bonus meditations and pdf’s!

You will learn:

  • How to connect with your chakras
  • An in depth experience of the energy chakras
  • The functions of the chakras with detailed information about each one
  • How to recognize imbalances and blockages
  • How to clear the imbalances and blockages
  • How to balance your chakras
  • What to do to work with one chakra at a time
  • Which essential oils and stones can be used on the chakra
  • How to use essential oils and stones to clear and activate your chakras

You will receive:

  • The ability to ask questions
  • Downloadable information on each chakra
  • Pdf of extra information about the chakras
  • Two bonus meditations

Investment: $97