The emphasis on purpose has made many people crazy with self-doubt and feeling unfulfilled.  This creates an energy of stuckness which creates more self-doubt.
Are you on the hamster wheel self-doubt and stuckness?

If you feel unfulfilled and stuck it is time to re-flame your passions.  We spend too much time on mindless tasks that we are supposed to do and not on our passions.  As a mother of two who runs a business and takes care of everything in my home I still find time for my passion.

How do I have time for my passions?  I make the time!  


What you may not know is that passion is your purpose…

It’s your passion that fuels the excitement and motivation of your purpose!

Let’s say that purpose is not always your vocation or how you make money but it is about your passion.  What you love to do, what brings you joy and what fuels your soul that is what is really important in life.

  1. Someday…

I knew a woman who spoke about being on stage and singing all the time.  When you listened to her you would think that was her passion but in reality she was deathly afraid of singing in front of others and she still has not pursued singing.  If you focus on what you will never really do and think, ‘someday this will happen for me’ you are not living your purpose.  You will always feel unfulfilled and lack passion in life.

  1. Passion and Career

A friend recently told me she felt as if she did not do anything with her life because she never completed her ‘education’ nor does she have a ‘career’.   I asked her how she feels about kids of all ages and she lit up!

She said all she wanted to be is a mom and now she is a mother of four and a grandmother of two.  She still has a son in High School and another son in college.  She has worked as a substitute at the local schools for 25 years so she could be with her children and all the other children in the community.

To me it is obvious that she has lived her passion and purpose! A degree or career have nothing to do with purpose.  As a substitute teacher she has been a role model and influenced many children which means she has lived her passion and purpose.

  1. Just a Job?

Another person I know well has a great career and does well financially but his passion is hunting and fishing.  I would not say he loves his job but he seems content.  He becomes more alive and fueled once he has made the time to be out in nature so I see it as he is fueling his passion!

We all have to do things in our life we do not love or feel passionate about!  Just ask my kids what I would never feel passionate about… they will tell you cleaning.  🙂  Keeping my house clean, doing the grocery shopping and cooking are my jobs and I do them because I know that I am still fulfilling a purpose of a safe home for my children.

But later…I will be doing something I am really passionate about!!


Go do something today that brings you excitement and recharges your passion!