I’m so excited to share with you some insight into all the opportunities you have, on a regular basis, to experience spiritual growth. There are times you may think you are moving backward but in reality; you are growing spiritually. At the end, I share some tools to help you with your spiritual growth. Leave Spiritual Expansion & Ascension A Rating and Review

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Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension Podcast. Your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick, this podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift. We’ll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field manifestation, aliens, the Akashic records, and so much more it’s time to raise your vibe.


Hi and welcome to Spiritual Expansion and Ascension. In this episode, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about spiritual growth and how it propels you forward. And even when you think that something negative is happening or something isn’t going the way that you want it to go, there’s still the opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth. And I’ll also be sharing with you a few quick tools to help you with your spiritual growth. But before we get into this episode, I just want to read a review from Kathy Marie. And she says “archetypes and a shadow ahas like never before. I have studied the ego and the shadow with many spiritual teachers and mentors, but never has it sunk in to such a degree that I was able to see my own shadow then when listening to Melissa’s podcast. I used the tools journal today and already I feel relief and release. I also feel like I have effective tools for the next time. My distracting ego pops up and tries to drag me down again. This is priceless. Thank you, Melissa.” Well, that was so sweet, Kathy. I just want to remind everyone to please leave a review, especially on Apple Podcasts. It’s super helpful to get the word out and to help other people ascend past their lower energies and move into a higher frequency.

So let’s get started on this episode because of all the energies that we’re constantly being bombarded with.Recently there’s a lot of solar flares, there’s a lot of planetary experiences, all sorts of things happening. I personally have been going through some spiritual growth and we don’t stop growing as spiritual beings. This isn’t something that starts at 1.0, I’m awakened. And now my growth is over and oh, now I’m done. It’s over. It’s a process, right? Because you know, just like a child grows and then they stop growing in size and height, but they don’t stop growing their energy or their awareness or their intelligence. It keeps on expanding. And that’s what we’re always doing. We’re expanding. But what happens when we go through these spiritual growth spurts?


It can be pretty tricky at times. And it’’s important to be okay with it when it does get a little tricky. Why does it get tricky? Because it’s a rollercoaster ride!  You’re really high one day, you’re feeling really one you’re connected. You’re feeling like you can rock the world and then you drop really low and you may be depressed or cry or be angry, right? So here you are, you’re on this roller coaster ride and you’re going Okay. Am I in 3d? Or am I in five D?  Am I open spiritually? Or am I a complete mess? The spiritual growth process is an opportunity for you to accelerate to the next level of your spiritual Ascension, or let’s say spiritual expansion, because what happens is you may go backward, but think about a Slingshot as you pull it backward really far, it’s slingshots forward.


So in these spiritual growth opportunities that we have, you may have the awareness that you feel like you’re moving backward, but you may time jump forward faster because you are experiencing the backward movement. That is the momentum into the forward movement. So here you are, you’re moving backward. And you’re like, am I in 3d? Because I don’t want to be in 3d. I’ve been working really hard to get into that fifth dimension to get into that oneness space, into love, into creativity into the flow of the universe. Am I really spiritual today? Or am I just too human for my own self? Like, there’s so much humanness going on. It freaks me out a little bit. This is the opportunity that we have. There’s an ebb and flow of allowing your higher consciousness to come through. There’s an ebb and flow of our own spiritual awakening and our own spiritual experiences.


This ebb and flow is natural. It’s normal, it’s a process. And honestly, every time I feel like I’m moving backward a little bit. I know what’s on the other side of that. So I’m actually excited. And recently my experience wasn’t really a dark night of the soul or anything like that, that didn’t spring me forward. What did was, I was experiencing resistance and this resistance was powerful. Now it showed up in my experiences with technology. But it also showed up in my personal life, obviously, because resistance is everywhere. What I’m resisting, what I know that I am resisting is really important,  what I know that I’m resisting is my higher consciousness or the next level of my spiritual evolution or my next level of getting my message out there. I didn’t want to say message, but I’m just going to use that word because I don’t know what else to use.


So, you know, as you grow spiritually or even as you process that with others or share that experience with others of your own spiritual evolution and you kind of go out there more, it could be a little scary inside. Like it can be a little frightening and then you start resisting the next level of your own spiritual evolution because you think, well, how am I going to fit my family? If I’m this spiritual person and they’re all muggles, they’re mundane people. How am I going to relate to them at Christmas? You know, or the next holiday. And we resist our own spiritual next connection, our spiritual evolution, our experimental expansion. We miss our opportunity of growth. And that’s what I want you to keep on thinking. Hmm. I feel like I’m a little resistant or I’m hitting a roadblock or, you know, I was flying high and now I’m crashing into the ground.


Oh, this is my opportunity. It’s my opportunity for spiritual growth. It’s my opportunity to become more of who I am. So what happens is we’re resisting what I would call our higher consciousness. We resist this because the ego says, you know what? You want to play in the realm of the 3d. You want to play in the anger, you want to play in the hurt. You want to play in the shame. You don’t want to forget your family, because if you play too much in the higher consciousness, your family’s not going to know who you are and they’re going to kind of resist you and you’re resisting them. And they’ve always been your support system. Now, what do you do now? You’re having a difficult time because they’re not there. This resistance isn’t the ego making it happen. It’s just part of the spiritual growth experience.


And that’s okay. Right. So we’re all in this together. And it’s okay to have that spiritual growth experience because you’re going to experience energy bumps in the road. These are little road bumps that you’re going to hit. Sometimes they may be emotional. Sometimes they may be mental. Sometimes it may be a physical experience that you’re having. Meaning that you’re feeling physically resistant to go out with your friends or you’re resistant to going to the meditation that you wanted to go to. Or you’re resistant to looking at yourself a little deeper and that’s okay. It’s just a bump in the road. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had over the years who have really been very serious, so serious about their spiritual awakening. And then they stop for three, four years, and then they’re back again. And they’re like, you know what? I kind of stopped my spiritual expansion for a little while, but now I’m back.


So I’m ready for the next level. And it’s just a bump in the road. Even if you have taken some time off from your spiritual train and you’ve needed to be at the station for 5, 6, 10 years, doesn’t mean you can’t get back on that train and be headed for the same place you were 10 years ago. There is no time and space. So it’s just a bump in the road and it’s not a good or bad thing. And to me, that’s so important for people to understand there’s nothing wrong with experiencing those spiritual bumps in your growth. No problem. Get back on the train, start all over, look at what really means something to you, go into your heart, connect to that because you’re going to experience them, but they are opportunities. And that’s what I want you to understand. And many times the ego will take these external forces that are in your way, let’s say and you don’t want them to be in your way.


So the ego will have these external forces coming at you. And when that happens, what you want to do is take a few minutes and go, okay, wow. I’ve noticed over the last couple of days, I’m letting these external forces force me into really experiencing the triggers of three D and that’s okay. I noticed that it’s been a little difficult or hard, or it’s been a little rocky in my life and that’s okay. When you say it’s okay, you’re acknowledging it. You’re being present with it, but you’re also not letting it run rampant, run around and make it worse than it is. Okay. Take a deep breath. And you’re like, all right, now, what am I going to do to get myself back on track? Maybe not be so triggered by this person or that person or that event or this event, huh?


Maybe I should go back and read this one book that really made me feel excited about my spiritual journey. Maybe I go on YouTube and watch a video. Maybe I go and listen to some really exciting podcasts that make me feel like, yes, I can do this. They’re inspirational. So what are these inspirational things? Maybe you need to have a little list of all the inspirational things that will bring you back into alignment with your spiritual awakening, with your spiritual expansion, with your own inner growth. Okay? So you have a bump and now you’re ready for the next level. And it’s good because these external triggers are there to pull you back a little bit. So you can accelerate faster as you move forward. And again, it doesn’t matter how much time you’ve been pulled backward. It doesn’t matter what matters is that you are moving forward and you’re not always going to get it right.


And again, that’s okay that you’re not always going to get it right. It’s not about getting things right.  It’s about recognizing, being present, being really present with your emotions, being really present with your triggers and your energy. You also have to understand there’s external energies, not just in your life, but galactic energy can start impacting our energy. So planetary energy, solar flares, these are all opportunities for our growth and are opportunities to help us accelerate our expansion, our spiritual awakening and our connection to our own higher consciousness. And that’s what I want you to really like take in all of this, no matter if you’re moving backward or you’re accelerating forward, they’re all opportunities for your spiritual growth. And that’s what you have to look at it. Because if you look at it like, oh, these bad things are happening and I’m having a bad time.


And then you’re living in that 3d experience and not allowing yourself the opportunity of growth instead of beating yourself up or letting your ego tell you negative things about yourself. What you’re going to do instead is be present with it and be okay with it, right? Because you want to be okay with what’s happening in your world, in your life. Because the more present you are with that, the better off you are. So maybe these things that are happening in the external world, whether they’re a solar flare, planetary alignments, your dog getting sick, no matter what it is, they’re opportunities, they’re are signs for you because they’re going to be part of what you’re going to allow yourself to experience. And you have to say, oh yeah, that’s actually helping me see my own flaws. And it’s okay. That’s actually helping me see that.


Maybe that person isn’t right for me in my life anymore. And it’s okay. These are signs. These are the flags that are saying, Hey, pay attention to these things. And they’re showing up for you for your growth, what an opportunity. And you don’t want to ignore the signs because they’re showing you the way they’re paving the opportunities in front of you. You don’t want to discount them or forget that they’re there or bypass them in any way you want to say, okay, wow, that’s coming up. That’s such a great opportunity. I’m so grateful for this opportunity. When it comes to all spiritual growth, awareness is key. When you’re aware of your issues, what’s coming up, what’s going on around, how you’re reacting. It is an opportunity for you to grow and you don’t want to just grow your ego boy, oh boy.


That could really get us into a lot of trouble. And we do that. Anyway, what you want to do is you want to start to grow into and become more of your higher consciousness and less of your ego, and ego’s voice. And the way to do that is presence awareness. Because when you are aware or you’re present with what’s going on, and it’s not a default system, you are more likely to grow and remember everything. And I mean, everything is a catalyst for you to look at your life. Even the good things that happen to you when you start to go, well, I made that I did this. I did that. That energy can actually create more egoic energies or the spiritual ego, because you’re attached to what you’ve done. And then when something bad happens, you’re attached to that. I made this bad thing happen, or you’re a victim to it.


Oh my gosh, that bad thing happened to me. And it’s the fault of this person or that person or the situation or the government or whatever else you want to blame because you are looking for something to identify yourself with. And that will hold you back from your spiritual growth. Now, I’m just going to give you a couple tools that will help you with your own spiritual growth. You can use all of them or some of them, however you want to do it, whatever resonates with you. That’s what you want to do. First and foremost, like I was saying earlier is being present, be present with what’s going on. That’s all that awareness. So that’s a really great tool. Presence helps you evaluate or do self-inquiry and when you’re present and you’re inquiring within, you’re more likely to recognize what’s going on without the ego, trying to make you afraid or sitting in a place of disconnect.


And that is really presence. I suggest presence in the heart is really the best bet for everyone, in my opinion, my humble opinion. So presence is all about being aware and going into your heart and asking your heart and just being aware, like, what would this really look like? What does this mean to me? How is this affecting me and that’s presence in your heart? So what you want to do is you want to close your eyes, bring your full awareness to your heart and your consciousness to your heart, lower your eyes, and put your hand on your heart chakra and bring your full awareness to your heart. And as soon as you feel like you’re looking upward or you’re tilting your head a little bit, that means you’re in the thinking mind and you’re not in your heart. And this can be a really important training.


I would suggest trying this a few times and really get used to asking your heart, because you’ll notice and be present with how many times you pop into your head and pop into your head into your thoughts, because your ego wants you to think about it. Not feel into it, not be present with it. So you get that ego under control. The next thing I would suggest doing is journaling. But when you journal, a lot of people say, well, make notes on your phone or type it into your computer. But when you use your hand, your physical hand, your brain fires really rapidly and differently than when you type and you create more neuro pathways when you hand-write, because you’re engaging the brain differently. When you actually use your hand to write, you’re connecting more to your own emotions, memories, feelings, ideas, all these things are more likely to be expressed by long hand journaling in our journal.


Not everyone likes journaling. Some people are resistant to journaling. I’m not telling you that you have to, but it is a really good idea. The reason if you are one of those people who are resistant to journaling, maybe it’s because there’s something you don’t want to bring up, or you’re afraid someone’s going to read your journals and believe me, the day you die, you could care less. If anyone reads her journals. And I always thought, if my kids ever read my journal, maybe they discover something about me that they didn’t know. And I won’t care when I’m dead. So how did that it, the next tool I want to give you is a little bit different and you’d actually need to have a trusted friend, but that friend can live across the world from you. Because Donta de we live in an environment that we have access to everyone across the world.


So you don’t have to be face to face. And some of us have friends all over the place, but you want to find a trusted friend and you are going to play a game called let’s grow and let’s grow together. This is a game so that you’re, ego keeps itself a little under wraps. Now, before I tell you what you want to do, I’m going to tell you what you don’t want to do. This is not a session. This isn’t a time to complain about everything in your life. It’s a time to grow, complaining needs to be put away. And I’ve noticed that when people get caught up in their story and all they want to do is talk about their story. They just complain and they’re perpetuating the story. And they’re actually attracting the same frequency to them, which is fine, but that’s not the of this game.


You and your friend are going to agree on the rules and the rules are that you are going to be honest with each other, not take anything personally. And you’re going to just be concise without going too much into the story. And then you’re going to say, look, this thing happened to me. Here’s my catalyst. Where do you think I’m helping myself grow through this catalyst? Someone just broke up with me. What do you think I’m supposed to experience to help me grow spiritually? I just had a difficult conversation with someone that I love, and I’m really triggered by it. How is this supposed to help me grow? And the other person is going to give you an awareness about yourself and about the situation. You definitely don’t want them to placate you or feed your ego. You want really clear awareness, but because you’re sitting right in the middle of the forest, you don’t see the path that’s to your right, but your friend will because that friend has more of a 360 view of what’s going on and more of an awareness.


And if you are open to hearing, you will discover some new things about yourself. And maybe that person will also help their own understanding of themselves. So it’s kind of a win-win and it’s a beautiful way to really get intimate and develop a very intimate relationship with someone. The next tool is the fun one. This one is to be aware of your ego’s voice. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds and I get it. I’m truly there, but what you want to do is just recognize, oh, that’s my ego. Oh, that’s what’s going on. And I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll give this little trick that I do. And that I give to my clients when my ego starts saying all these words, and boy, can it say a lot of words, I’ll catch it. And I’ll say, is that all you have to say?


And then it will flatline and won’t say anything. And then it may try again. I’m still determined to make sure that you’re listening to me, blah, blah, blah. And I’ll go, is that all you have to say about that? So what I’m saying is I’m not emotionally attached to it. If you notice, I’ll just say it not out loud, by the way I say it to myself, is that all you have to say, and just a matter of fact, tone, a matter of fact, energy, and then the ego flatlines again, because it can’t say anything because it’s being called out and then it might try again, especially if it’s something that’s triggering you. And you’ll say again, is that all you have to say, and you may have to do that a few times, but it may help you become more aware of your ego’s voice.


The last one that I have is all about bringing more joy and laughter into your life. I truly do not believe that the spiritual path on any level should be serious, meaning you always need to bring joy into everything because that is a higher state of consciousness. That’s love, that’s oneness, that’s connection, that’s unity. So joy is also laughter in the physical realm. So maybe find something that makes you laugh or find anything that brings laughter into your awareness and allows you to laugh out loud that really shifts the frequency. And it helps you understand that spirituality doesn’t need to be all serious and, and tense. It’s actually a flow of energy and there’s more peace and love and joy from spirituality and your spiritual growth, then difficulty or seriousness. So I’d love it if you shared this with your friends, left a review, especially on apple podcasts. And I appreciate you all so much and have a beautiful, blessed day, much love.