Today I’m going to share what to do when you are bombarded with energy from many places. You are a sovereign being and you are not the victim to others. When you claim your sovereign power, you will notice a difference in your relationships. I take a down to earth approach to boundaries and being in your sovereign power.

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Hi, and welcome to Spiritual Expansion and Ascension! I’m Melissa Feick, and today we’re going to be talking about sovereignty. Your ultimate sovereign power is in your boundaries and being fearless in your life and knowing where you want to head in life. You’re constantly being bombarded by all sorts of energies. This energy comes from many forms from people, from families, from social media, from media, from governments, your spirits guides, angels, masters, galactic energy, including so many other beings, planetary energies bombard us, solar flares, alignments of planets. So obviously it’s a long list of energy that starts to affect us. So you’ve always experienced the energy always, even if you are unaware, this energy has been part of your experience. So part of our experience here is to recognize and experience these energies. We’re here as physical beings to not just understand the physicality, but also the energy that comes with being physical.


So what you are not being told is that you have a choice and that choice is how these energies will connect with you and what your boundaries are, because you’re not a victim to any energy. You can create boundaries. And it’s certainly not about you protecting yourself because I’ve seen those people who are so afraid and they’re constantly protecting themselves and looking for how they need to protect themselves. But actually they’re attracting the energies that they don’t want. And why is that? Because what you resist, persists.  What you put out there and your focus and your energy, that’s what you attract. So if you’re afraid, “oh, I need to protect myself. Some bad things are happening. Bad people are happening.” You’re actually attracting that to yourself. So it’s really time for you to claim your sovereign power and the boundaries that go along with this.


So just for now, let’s just focus on spiritual power. So the most important thing for you to understand is you are absolutely not a victim to any energy, not other people, not other entities, not the frequencies of the planets. You’re not a victim to those energies. Most people feel like they’re being attacked, whether it’s by other people or spirit or whomever, but this usually stems from childhood trauma. That childhood trauma keeps you in this victim mode. And this trauma makes you less connected to your own sovereignty, to your own boundaries. Because as a child, you weren’t taught these boundaries. MOST children are not taught these boundaries and you’re less likely to feel like you have sovereignty in your choices in your life because you weren’t taught that it’s okay to have boundaries. You aren’t taught that boundaries are something that you’re allowed, right? So what does sovereignty really mean?


And this is important for you, as a Lightworker/star seed/spiritual person, to understand what is sovereignty, because most people use sovereignty when they’re talking about political or societal experiences, but in spirituality, this sovereign word has gained popularity because it means that you’re taking that responsibility, that personal responsibility, you are not governed by anyone else. You are self-governing. You are aware of your own stuff. And when you are sovereign, you’re discerning your life. You’re taking back your power, you’re gaining your spiritual power. And these things help you gain this spiritual power and understanding in your life. Now “spiritual power”, that means that you are taking the stance of knowing who you are. You are in your power when you are interacting with others, you’re in your power because spiritually you understand what compassion and love is. You are more connected to who you truly are.


Your spiritual power comes from a place of love, connection, and oneness. Now that is the opposite or polarity of ego power. Ego power is all about control, manipulation, wanting to be better than others, feeling that you are better than others and or feeling less than others. That’s what ego power is. And most societies come from ego power and ego power is all about that. Control and manipulation. Spiritual power is our sovereign understanding of who we truly are. It is recognizing our boundaries without needing to be controlling or manipulating to receive or understand our boundaries or to be in our power and hold true to our own inner guidance and our own power. So in order to gain (we’ll use the word gain for now your spiritual power.) You do need to heal your own karmic ties because you cannot be a sovereign being if you are still attached to your past, whether it’s past lives, past childhood traumas, issues, your pastoral relationship, you have to transcend those lower vibrations.


You have to heal that in order to be sovereign in order to gain your spiritual power. But you want to recognize the difference between giving your power away and being in your spiritual power. That’s another way to gain your power, because what happens is we give our power away all the time. We don’t even know we’re giving our power away. We were taught to actually give our power away consistently as children. So when you give your power away to anything, anyone, people, spirits, or anything, you’re not in your sovereign power, you’re not using your sovereignty. You’re giving all that energy and power away to everything else outside of you. And this is because you’re being controlled by your past. Unfortunately, most people are being controlled by their past because they’re living from their past experiences. The subconscious is holding on to all those past energies and past experiences.


And you’re living from that place. So what is your past?  your parents or your caregivers at a young age or consistently, and constantly overstepping your boundaries. This could be happening through abuse, maybe “good girl” syndrome. Maybe it was kind of an unwritten rule or the family karma or the family shame that you had to do what the family said and be always in the family’s energy and, and doing what they want, what they say or the “good girl” or “good boy” syndrome. This is because that’s what your family did, right? It’s not a good or bad thing. We’re not shaming the family for it, but you want to look at your past. And when others overstepped your boundaries, or you didn’t even know that you could have boundaries because in your family, boundaries were not acceptable.


You become open to lower frequencies because you do not understand. And you’re not clear that this is okay and this isn’t okay. And most people aren’t consciously aware of this. Most people will say, “oh, I have boundaries. This is my boundary.” And they  throw up a huge wall in their life, but that’s not a bad thing. That is fear. That is the need to be controlling of your environment. And that opens you up to lower frequencies. And these frequencies can show up as negative relationships as difficulties in your business or in your workplace. It can show up as psychic attack from other intuitives or psychics around you. It can show up as entities or spiritual attack. And it is because you are holding a lower frequency. These beings, no one, absolutely no one (whether it’s on spiritual level or human level) can overstep your boundaries unless you are in a lower frequency.


And you’re allowing it on some level again, subconsciously.  I’m not attracting all these lower negative energies toward me. No, maybe the 5% of your brain isn’t, but the other 95% is your subconscious, because it’s your subconscious that is putting out the frequency of “you can attack me”. You can take advantage of me. You can do whatever you want, because I’m not clear energetically on my boundaries. My energetic boundaries are not clear. So guess what? You’re attracting. You’re attracting the same lower frequencies that you’re putting out there. So if you’re afraid of anything bad that’s going to happen or something that might get you, you will absolutely attract it in your life. Unfortunately, it attracts it because at what you put out there is what you get back. So if you feel like you need to fight all these bad things or all this negative energy, negative entities, then you are actually attracting it to you.


If you need to fight the man or fight for a cause or fight in any way, you’re attracting the same frequency to you. If you live from the fight, “I’m going to get you. I need to control everything. I need to manipulate subconsciously.” Even if it’s done subconsciously you attract it to you, and most likely you’re attracting this fight energy, because you’re actually living from your past. You are attracting this because you are fighting your past. You’re fighting off your past perpetrators from your childhood. You’re still fighting them off. Or you’re trying to rescue that little child inside that no one else protected. So here you are. You’re fighting these things, but it’s really those past perpetrators or people who overstep your boundaries, or didn’t give you your sovereign energy. Those are the people, places and things that you’re fighting against and you want to be safe.


So you’re trying to set these boundaries and let’s talk about this. So in order for you to feel safe in your environment, which you may not have had when you were a child, maybe even circumstances, sometimes you didn’t feel safe and let’s talk about setting your boundaries. So you can feel that you are sovereign and supporting your sovereignty, right? So we want you to support your sovereignty. So I heard recently about someone who had been going to a healer for 15 years, they’ve been going to the same healer for 15 years. And this healer was clearing all their old karmic patterns, all their old issues and everything else. Now, this person felt like they were also being attacked a lot. And I’ve actually heard this story many, many times. So this could be like 10 different stories, to be honest with you.


“Oh my gosh, these entities are coming after me. I’m being attacked, I have attachments! They’re being attached to me.” So this person would go back to their healer and have their healer clear these bad entities that were being attracted by them or these bad entities that were attached to them.  Are you sovereign? When you are constantly going to someone to fix you, no matter how you’re being fixed, if you’re going to the same healer or many healers over many, many, many years, then you’re looking for someone to fix you. Then you are not in your sovereign power. You are letting other people take your power because they can fix you. They can heal you. They can get rid of all these lower and negative entities. So you’re not in your power. You’re not in your spiritual power and you’re not in your sovereign power.


Another example of this is that I had a friend many years ago. Who’s no longer my friend. And she said, “oh no, Melissa, you have entities around you. I need to clear them. I need to clear them.”  And I started to rely on her to clear my lower frequencies all the time. And one day she was overly aggressive about this and I was checking in and I was like, I don’t feel any lower energies around me. And she’s like, “oh yes, definitely. You’ve got that. You’ve got bad stuff around you.”  And I was checking in again. And I was like, I don’t feel it. And my guides showed me that I was correct. And then she insisted. She was so aggressive and made sure that I knew that she could save me from these lower energies. And it was very important for her to save me because I needed to be rescued.


And she’s the person who can rescue me. And all of a sudden I saw her, send me an entity. It came around my energy field way out. And then, came in like my back and where I’m a little bit more weak right around my neck and my shoulder area on my right side. And then she said, “I see it there. And it’s right there. I’m going to clear it for you.” And right in that moment, I recognized that it wasn’t, she was doing it purposely. So I just want to be clear. I don’t feel like I was a victim to her as she certainly wasn’t doing this to make me a victim. I’m sorry. I should say this differently. She was doing it. So I was a victim, but I don’t think that she was doing it purposely.


She wasn’t doing it consciously. She was doing it because of her own issues around power and sovereignty. So when that happened, I thought, wow, I don’t want this in my life. I’m giving my power away to someone who wants to take my power, take my sovereignty. And she’s not really clear on my own boundaries. Like she’s overstepping my boundaries no matter how many times I said, no, she was insistent. So she wasn’t really respecting my boundaries. So you have to understand that there are many ways you are giving away your sovereignty without even knowing it, without being aware of it. Also, these things can come through where you’re not being in your sovereign power, or you’re not being clear on your boundaries by the egos projections. And the ego can say, oh, that’s happening to me and be like, okay, that is happening to me. It’s projecting out there.


There are bad things. Oh my gosh, I see bad entities around this person or that person. It may be your own ego projecting those things outward. So you want to recognize that what you’re giving your power away, energy-wise. So it could be your own ego. You could be overstepping your boundaries. You could be overstepping other people’s boundaries. So just pay attention, because if you want to claim your sovereign power, you also have to be really clear on how you overstep other people’s boundaries and how you are not allowing them to be sovereign beings, because you can only be truly sovereign when you have all the power and nothing, and no one can harm you or come near you without your energetic consent. Now that does, this does not mean like I have to be powerful.


“Well, I have to put all my boundaries up! boundary boundary, nobody comes near me and I’m afraid. I’m afraid. So I’m going to put all these bubbles up that actually attract it.” Right? We already talked about that. But being in your loving power, knowing from your heart, that you’re clearly dealing with your old energies and issues, because boundaries are always about knowing yourself and knowing yourself intimately. But guess what? People don’t always want to work with spirit because they’re afraid because they don’t want to put up boundaries or because they want to put up their boundaries. So clearly that they’ll, they’re afraid of, of anything negative coming through. So all of these things are because you are not being clear in your own boundaries. You have to understand yourself intimately, and you have to deal with your own inner issues, your old childhood or past traumas in your life. Sometimes you’re influenced by others. You can be influenced by all sorts of beings, whether they are on the spiritual side or on the human side.


And this always happens subconsciously. And how it happens is that you see yourself as a victim. So you can’t be sovereign and you can’t have really loving, clear spiritual boundaries if you’re a victim. So again, if you deal with your old victim energy, your past stories about victimhood, then you are more sovereign. You’re more in your spiritual or spiritual sovereign power. Maybe you feel like you need somebody to rescue you, of course subconsciously, right? So you’re looking for somebody to rescue you. Or you’re looking to spiritual leaders and teachers to tell you what to do, who to be, how to do this, how to do that. And all of those things, you’re giving away your power. Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a teacher, but you’re discerning what that teacher is telling you, how that teacher is. Is that teacher empowering you in your life, or is that teacher taking away your sovereignty?


And that’s important to know, do they want to rescue you or are they empowering you? That’s a good question for you to ask. So spiritual leaders sometimes might have you think that you shouldn’t have boundaries. They want you to have spiritual boundaries with entities or energies or spirit, but with them, they’ll call you up and say, Hey, I saw that this was going on around you. And I know I can fix it for you. Then they’re trying to rescue you or Hey, all those bad energies are all coming after you. I cleared that for you. I got that for you. Don’t worry about it. I saved you from them. That is also a way to give away your power. And that’s not boundaries because why are they even connecting to your energy? And the same story I told you earlier. She also told me, this ex friend of mine, um, she also told me that I had this bad Juju energy.


This is another time, right at the end of our friendship. And she said, I need to clear that for you. And I said, please do not get into my energy field. I am not interested in you clearing it for me. I’m fine. I checked with my guides. I checked with other friends who were super intuitive. They’re like, “Melissa, I don’t know what she’s talking about. Your energy looks really clear.” And I was claiming my sovereignty from her. I was claiming my power from her and what happened. And she didn’t like that. And this happens a lot with spiritual teachers. Now, she was not my spiritual teacher. I will be clear on that, but she didn’t like it. And what happens is they stop recognizing your power. They don’t like that. You have your power. So they’re trying to find ways to take away your power from you.


They’re not allowing you to be a sovereign being. And when she was doing that, I said, please do not look at my energy or go into my energy. I asked that you give me some space and, and be clear that I do want this boundary. And then she emails me and texts me again and says, no, no. I had somebody check that you definitely have something bad around you. And I thought, wow, she’s so disrespectful. And not allowing me to be a sovereign being. And guess what? She preaches that everybody should have sought, be a sovereign being. She preaches that everyone should be a sovereign being, but subconsciously she doesn’t see where she doesn’t allow that to be part of them. Okay? So what you want to do is look at your shadow. Look at your inner work. Be really intimate with yourself. Look at all the times you’ve given away your power, you know, um, and my podcast and episode 27, uh, the title is you lie and deceive yourself.


There is a great thing around sovereign power.  Where do you not take responsibility in your life? That’s really important because when you don’t take responsibility for your actions or your life or your boundaries or your own sovereignty, then you’re actually giving away your power. Now recognize this isn’t about protection from bad things or the bad people out there protect yourself, protect yourself, because that’s not always healthy either. It’s about seeing yourself and everything around you, just as energy. It’s all just frequency. And it’s important for you to recognize that everything is just a vibration. So if you protect yourself out of fear, then you are actually attracting what you’re trying to protect yourself from. You need to be aware of that. If I’m afraid, what am I going to attract? Fearful things, fearful experiences. One of the things you can start doing is say, No.


I actually tell a lot of my clients to answer in a particular way. When somebody asks something of them, I say, start learning how to say, “I’ll get back to you.” And this is really important. So what you first want to do, especially if you’re not really good at clearing clear boundaries or saying no, is you want to practice in the mirror. “I’ll get back to you. I’m not sure about that. Let me get back to you. Let me think about that. And I’ll get back to you. I’m not really sure. I’ll get back to you”, right? You’re practicing it over and over and over again. And then when you are alone and you are in your own energy, in your own space, you go into your heart and you ask yourself, how does this really make me feel? Does this make me feel good?


Or does it not make me feel good? So if you start recognizing, yeah, this isn’t working for me, then you start to know that it’s okay to say no to it. Because the reason you’re not saying no is because of old trauma in your childhood, you want to be loved. You want to be appreciated. So you don’t say no to people because you’re afraid they won’t love you, or they won’t like you. So another way to do this is with spirit. And this is really important instead of protecting yourself out of fear and it’s okay to protect yourself. I’m not saying don’t protect yourself. Definitely put your bubbles up or whatever you do to protect yourself. But you also have to recognize that the energy you put out there is the energy that’s attracted to you. But in any moment of time that you feel like any spirit or any energy does not feel good to you.


You want to be able to say, you’re not welcome. I’m not interested in you being part of my experience here. I am not interested. So you need to leave. You are no longer my guide. I don’t feel comfortable, go away. And you want to be in your energy and your power. When you say that you say, Nope, not interested. Any guide or angel or ascended master or any spiritual being that is of the light in the light and serves the light. Now we’ll be gone in an instant. And if you feel like you’re still experiencing some lower energies, you can certainly have somebody clear you, or you can claim your power and tell it to go away because nothing in your life can be attracted to you unless you attracted it, right? Get your power back. That’s what I really want you to understand. Your power is so important to you.


Take your power back. Don’t give your power away to anything or anyone. And you are your own sovereign being. So anything that comes into your life is what you have allowed. There you are in your driver’s seat, you are in your power. And if you feel like you have any negative entities around you, you can absolutely go to a healer, but please choose a healer that will empower you or teach you what it means to be a sovereign being, or teach you how to say no to the frequencies. You don’t want to go to any healer or any spiritual teacher or guide who wants to fix you and fix your problem, because then you’re giving them your power. Another way to being in your sovereign spiritual power is to look into your childhood wounds of attack, lack, lack of boundaries, anything like that, clear your energies, clear your energy through meditation, chakra, work, yoga, um, keeping your heart open.


Definitely keeps you in a higher frequency, raise your vibration and your sovereign not to be the victim to anything or anyone. And let’s talk about getting rid of these lower frequencies or lower energies. You can match any lower vibrations with the same frequency. And this is so important for you. And to understand you can’t fight lower vibrations or lower energies, because what are you doing? You’re meeting the same energy with the same energy. So if these beings are attacking you or fighting you, then if you’re fighting them back, you are meeting them with the same frequency. When you meet them with the same frequency or actually attracting more of them, I’ll fight more of you. I’ll be in my power and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. But really again, think about this. You’re fighting the child inside of you that wasn’t rescued, wasn’t fought for in your life, right?


Now, the other thing is you don’t want to match this frequency of people or things or energies or frequencies with fear, because again, fear is a lower energy and it’s going to attract more fear or more things that actually, um, suck fear in and work off of fear and, and love fear. And they’re like, Hm, that person’s fearful. I’m going to eat some of that and stick around them to keep in that fear. This is all about the frequency as attracting the frequency like attracts. Like the other thing you want to look at is anger or victimization is the same frequency. It feeds all these beings. So if you’re angry or trying to fight or being a victim to anything, it’s actually feeding the humans and the entities, lower frequencies are attracted to this people, places, things, all those energies are attracted.


It feeds that energy victimization and fear and anger all get fed by lower frequencies. And I want to share how I actually clear entities. I send them love. I see them as a light. I shine light on them. I tell them, oh, you’re beautiful. You’re amazing. I see your light. I see your love. I send it love and I’m not afraid. And then I send it into the light or I tell it to bring in more light into their life. I’m not afraid. And by the way, some people will say to me, Melissa, there’s some really


Bad Juju, bad beings, bad, blah, blah, blah, whatever they want to call them out there. They’re out there and we have to fight them. And I understand why they’re saying that. I really get that. I used to think that way as well. I just think I have to clear them. I never really fought these beings because I was shown very early on like 20 years ago that when you fight them, or you’re inferior, actually attracting them. So even though I had a lot of childhood fears, I, for some reason, wasn’t afraid of these beings. So I would just do different things to help clear the energies. And what I was shown is that if I match their frequency, I’m actually bringing them into my life. And if I’m afraid of them, then I am certainly giving them my power. So anything that I’ve seen and experienced and believe me, I have not seen all love, light, lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows…


I have seen some lower frequencies. I don’t want to get into it because I think that you attract the frequencies by talking about them. But believe me, I have seen some scary shit and I’ve seen it in many ways. So it’s not unusual for these lower frequencies to cross my path because they’re out there. Right? But recently, especially in the last like four or five years, I see very little of them. And that’s because I send them so much love. They Hightail it out of my energy or away from me because they don’t want me to send them love. They don’t want that. And they recognize that pretty quickly. So they’ll just run away. Um, I’ve also seen these beings try to hide and I see them, I see through the facade and I send them love. And that’s the only time by the way that love bombing is acceptable is when you’re clearing entities.


Now, if you feel like something’s still attacking you and you’ve sent it love, work on your own inner stuff and work with a healer that you feel is going to empower you, not disempower you please. And take back your sovereign power, man. Don’t give it away. So today I want you to take notice of where you’re giving your energy away. People, places, things, where are you giving your energy away to notice when you have throughout your lifetime, giving away your power, where else have you given away your power to family, to friends, to energies, to fear, to abuse, to traumas. Now notice where you’re not clear in your own boundaries. Now we don’t want to be afraid, putting up harsh boundaries. We don’t want that in our lives. So don’t put up clearly harsh boundaries. What I’d like you to do is look where you don’t have boundaries and work on the lower frequencies or traumas or family karma or karmic ties or entanglements, or your past abuse or traumas and work on them.


Because when you work on them, then you don’t have to put up boundaries. The boundaries are already there. And that’s what happened with my friend, because I started to recognize and come into my own power in a whole different way, because I was working on myself very diligently and very deeply. And she didn’t like that. I started to create energetic boundaries. And every time I started to put up, enter or experience energetic boundaries, she didn’t like that. And she tried to take them down because she doesn’t like when people are sovereign or in their own power. And I’m not saying that she’s a bad person. Definitely not. I mean, she really had underneath it all. It was really clear that she has a beautiful heart and really comes from love. But her subconscious programming was stronger than that. Her subconscious programming was more powerful and she was kind of an intuitive narcissist in a lot of ways. And if you haven’t  seen my video on intuitive narcissists, you should go watch that because that’s a pretty powerful video. So again, take a moment. You are a sovereign, powerful being!  Claim it! No one, nothing, no place, no time, nothing can take away your sovereign power unless you are on some level, even subconsciously, are allowing it.

So you are a powerful being. Claim it!  And I send you so much love, have a beautiful blessed day.