I am so hesitant to share this podcast and as I am writing this my guides are saying it must be said. In this episode I share how I see the matrix of creation and how we created within the matrix. The energy that is bombarding the energy matrix is creating some wonky energy and collective experiences.

It is time for the lightworkers and starseeds to shine through love and light.

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And welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension podcast. This is Melissa Feick, your host. Super excited because today I’m going to just share with you a few things about our wonderful matrix that we have created, and this can be any time, any place. So even if you listen to this three years from now, if it’s September 1st, 2021 now, even if you listen to it in the future, it still pertains to our matrix. But before I jump into the matrix, I’d love it if you shared this with your friends, left a review, especially on Apple Podcasts, it’s very helpful to me and it gets this podcast out there. So let’s go into the matrix first. I just want to explain what I mean by the matrix. And yes, of course it has to do with the movie because, you know, sci-fi is real. As we know, in a lot of ways, there’s a reality and a lot of sci-fi work out there because they’re tapping into something to get this information.


I want to tell you why I think the matrix part of it is so important. Now the first visual I want you to have is Star Trek and the holodeck. I kept on calling it a hologram. I think it’s called holodeck. And it’s literally just something that you program in and then you have an experience. So it’s a programmable experience. And in the show it can be real. It can be 3D. It’s an interactive experience, just like our world. It’s interactive. When I look at the universe, I look at it as a blank slate, just like the holodeck right now. There’s nothing programmed in it, but every moment we are programming our matrix. We’re programming it to be what we want it to be. It’s not always an individual program that we’re creating most of the time. It’s a collective and that means that our collective experience


matters now.


Once this collective energy hits the matrix or the holodeck, all feelings, emotions, experiences are reflected into this matrix that we create. Then the sacred geometric shapes and energies then create the reality around that, at least this is the way that I see it. I’m just trying to describe it to you. It’s kind of hard to describe, but what I mean is that we put the energy into the matrix and then the matrix shows up for us in this 3D experience. And when we’re looking at it in this 3D experience, it has to come through, how I see it, with geometric energies, because our whole universe is created by geometry. And that is proven in nature. Nature shows up in all these geometric patterns because these geometric patterns, through mathematical formulas, actually create our reality. We are participating in all of our experiences. It wouldn’t be worth us coming down to such an experience as this three dimensional, 3D experience with all this duality, without being able to play different parts, to play different experiences.


That’s what reincarnation is. So just to explain it, just really quickly again, you have the matrix, you put the energy into the matrix through thoughts, feelings, and as a collective, really. And then from there, the sacred geometric shapes that are this movement, 3D energy with a lot of grids that are connecting to the creator source energy, to dimensions, to other galaxies and other universes. And it is all interconnected, right? But in our experience, these sacred geometric shapes are the things that are creating our reality. And that just gives you kind of an understanding of how we’re creating. So now here we are in the matrix and recently the matrix is going very wonky and it is really reflecting so much of the energy that we’re putting into it. The reason I’m saying this is because in the last year and a half, we have bombarded our matrix with a lot of fear, a lot of control energy.


I mean, there’s so much control through family or controlling family. You have to wear a mask, you have to be vaccinated. I’m not gonna talk to you if you’re not doing this, if you’re not doing that and society as well. Oh, you have to wear masks. You don’t have to wear a mask. The government, pulling in all this energy of control and fear, lots and lots and lots of control and fear. And no matter which side, because obviously the duality is also hitting the matrix really hard, so no matter which side of the fence you’re on about vaccination – no vaccination mask, no mask, I don’t care. That’s not the point. If you are thinking that that is the point you’re missing the bigger picture. The bigger picture is we are creating an experience of a lot of fear and a lot of control. And we feel out of control. And the easiest way for us to be in a place where everything and everyone can control us is if we’re in fear. We can’t be controlled


if we’re not afraid, if we feel sovereign, if we feel powerful, if we feel like we understand what’s going on. But what’s happening is we are experiencing the information. So one doctor will say masks are good. And another doctor will say masks are not good. They help, they don’t help. It’s up. It’s down, it’s inside out. Oh, it’s all crazy. All over the place. And then to even be a little bit more crazy and make our matrix really wonky and unstable is that there is a propaganda of control. So if some people believe certain things about masks, vaccines, health, COVID, or anything like that, that is not in the propaganda that others want us to have, meaning the people in control who are the CDCs, the governments, and, you know, the big wigs, the ones who have all the money and power. If they don’t want us to see it that way, they are banning anything else that is not in alignment with what they want you to believe.


So what’s happening here is that all this confusion, uncertainty, fear, anger, lack, control, out of control, in control. All that energy is really shaking up the matrix. So these beautiful geometric patterns that can be creating some really interesting things are getting shaken up, which then shakes up our own personal matrix and it brings up our issues. And then it also creates a lot of weird things in the matrix energetically, which is why there are a lot of weird weather patterns. We’re responsible for all these things that happen. People will be like, well, the scientists say that if this cold front comes in and this other thing…that’s why the weather’s created. No, that’s not it because that makes us victims to every single thing that happens. We’re not victims! We are part of this matrix. Take control of it on your own.


And recognize, oh, I’m creating this and it’s okay. Right? You don’t want to be fearful about it, but you want to know that as a collective, we’re creating this experience. We are the ones doing it. It’s not happening to us. It’s happening because of us. Now, I don’t care what your belief system is. This whole mask, not mask, vaccine, not vaccine; if you’re in that place of, it has to be this way or has to be that way, that is because in yourself, you don’t feel like you’re in control and you’re afraid. Either way you’re afraid. And either way, you’re creating that same energy in that same frequency. This is supposed to be happening. I don’t see this as a we-are-screwing-up kind of energy. This is what my guides have been telling me for the last eight years or so. This is the shakeup.


We are in the middle of shaking the cage to rattle everybody’s cages. We have to rattle the cages in order to get to the next level of our own frequencies. And it’s not always easy because it feels so fricking real. Like this feels real. You know, I have friends who are experiencing the hurricane, tornadoes, you know, I’m just having a downpour here. I’ve been experiencing, for the first time in my life, monsoons. So all of these things are happening now. I know in my area, monsoons are normal and I get that, but it’s very interesting all these things that are happening and then all the energy in different governments, in society, you might know what I’m talking about. And I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t watch the news because again, the news perpetuates lower frequencies.


They can control us through


their need to sensationalize anything and everything that happens so that we feel afraid. Oh, there are a lot of break-ins everywhere. You should be afraid. You should be locking up your house. You should be doing this and this and this and this. And it’s all these fear-based experiences. Now this is happening because we are supposed to rattle the cage. We are supposed to recreate our experiences. And sometimes we have to fall and go into that polarity. And polarity means moving in one direction and then the other one, in a quick, extreme motion, on one side of the gamut to the other. So you have complete darkness and complete blinding light. That’s the polarity of light, it is the complete darkness and blaring light where you can’t even see it’s so bright, right? That’s the polarity of light. Everything has polarity. And in our experience in this duality, we are really experiencing the extremes of polarity.


And this will help us understand our own inner matrix and our own inner selves. It is not easy for so many of us. I just had a client recently say to me, all these bad things are happening. Everything’s bad. I can’t control anything. I’m all upset. And then I said, well, you know, maybe you’re creating this for some reason. What do you think is going on? And they’re like, well, I meditate. I try to think positive, but this bad thing, that bad thing, this bad thing. And I said, okay, well maybe you can think of probably another solution maybe. Oh no, I can’t. Because I said, I do this. I said, I do that. Well, maybe you could do something else. Nope, Nope. I have to do this. I have to do that. So, and she said, oh, but I feel stuck. I feel stuck.


And all that energy, and boy did I feel it! She is creating this matrix of sacrifice. She’s creating this matrix of giving, giving, giving till the point where she won’t be healthy in her life. And I’m not saying she’ll be sick or anything, but mentally, emotionally, physically healthy is mentally, emotionally, physically healthy. And this is what’s been going on the last year and a half. We are creating a matrix of difficulty, of fear, of shame, of control. And then on the other side, you have these Lightworkers that are really trying hard to bring in the light. And this job is harder. It’s easier to bring in fear, so much easier, so much easier to bring in control, negativity. That is an easier path. But the path of bringing in light and love, not always the easiest thing. And you are bringing through that frequency.


Even if you only hold it in your heart, truly in your heart, not in your head trying to make it happen, but in your heart for 20 minutes a day. And then the rest of the day, you’re a little sad, or you’re not really sure what’s happening in your life. You’re still bringing in the light. So congratulations. It doesn’t have to be consistent. The light is more powerful. You only need 10 to 20% light to overcome darkness. You don’t need it to be blinding, bright, to overcome lower frequencies. And I don’t mean darkness like bad people, bad situations. You don’t know what’s bad. That’s a judgment because you have no clue what is bad or what is good. Our society wants us to think that we know this is good, this is bad. Yeah. They do that to us. And then they’ll say tomorrow, well, this is good,


and that’s bad, and it’s well, you’re like, well, wait a minute, which one is it? Yesterday, you told me eggs were bad for me. And now you’re telling me eggs are good for me. I don’t get this. And then this one saying eggs are definitely bad. I’m so confused. I have no idea. Do I eat eggs? Do I not? Do I like bananas? Should I be eating them? Should I not be eating them? I mean, come on. We are in a place where we are being bombarded by all sorts of information. But a lot of that information is being yielded by those in control. Now I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, not even in the least amount, but let’s just take a moment and think about this. How do we control the masses? We control them through fear. Religions and governments have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years.


And if we are not able to see all the information, then something is wrong with that. I’m sorry. That is what governments and dictators do. They keep some information away. As a matter of fact, I have clients that contact me that say I’m in Singapore or China, and they cannot get some of my videos or some of my information because the government blocks it from them. And they can’t have certain information. I don’t want that in my reality at all. Whether you live in Canada, in the US, in Europe, no matter where you live across this world, you don’t want someone to say “That information you’re not allowed to have.” Think about this. There was a documentary on Teflon and they skewed the information. They kept it from the public and they controlled what was happening. Even though people were getting very sick and dying.


Now we have this all the time and we accept it. We just go along with it. Oh, we need to be vaccinated. Then I’m going to vaccinate. Oh, you’re a bad person because you’re not vaccinating. The CDC tells you you have to vaccinate. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of COVID. They told me I should be afraid of COVID, by the way, I had COVID. I did not die. Obviously still here breathing. I did though eet super sick. I was not well. And somebody the other day said to me, well, you think your immune system’s all that great, but I never got COVID. Well maybe that wasn’t supposed to be your experience. Mine was to get COVID and I’m so grateful. I thought, wow. You know, I was grateful for a lot of reasons in the beginning of why I got COVID, but now I’m even more grateful because personally, I don’t have to have any vaccine because I know my immune system is rocking the COVID energy.


And I’m grateful for that. I’m so grateful because I was actually recently exposed to COVID again, possibly. And I feel great. So somehow I have some immunity, which I am very grateful for. But that is a side note. But what you have to understand is that all these beliefs are just beliefs. COVID is not the enemy. I shouldn’t be saying this, but you know, the government, media seem more the enemy than COVID itself because yes, people die. One of my friends said to me, oh, but I know all these people have died and all this other stuff and all these bad things have happened. And I was like, that’s interesting that that’s that person’s reality. I have like, I don’t know, 20-something  cousins. I have a bunch of nieces and nephews. I have my mother, who is 90.


I have a lot of family members who are in the sixties and seventies and none of them got sick and died. So isn’t it interesting. My experience is that I don’t know anyone in my immediate experience through friends and family that have died. Now, I’m not saying that that doesn’t happen. And don’t come back to me and say, well, she said nobody dies. I didn’t say that. What I’m saying is, what is your experience through this? It’s hard because people really get emotional. And this is because that’s what they want us to have in our matrix. They want us to experience emotional turmoil. Because if we are experiencing emotional turmoil, we will look to the leaders to help us feel better. And if we look to those leaders to help us feel better then we will be at a point where maybe they’ll make us feel better,


I don’t know. It hasn’t made me feel any better, but I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little bit different, but I don’t want to buy into any BS. Nothing. Recently, I’ve been having these channelings. And what they have told me is there is no truth. Every truth is a lie. Even the truth itself is a lie. There’s only one truth. One truth. One. That kind of blows your mind. And that truth is we are all one. Everything else is a perception of truth or a desire for this truth to be real. I know for me, a lot of my “old truths” are no longer my truths. So what I’m talking about is the matrix and it is being shaken up because we’re in a place of transition, transformation, re-creation of our experience here. And it has to be shaken up. But my personal desire is that I can make my own choices in my life. Now, only with harm to none.


And yes, some people will say, well, if you don’t wear a mask that may harm another person, but how do I know or how do you know that maybe that person is supposed to get COVID from me? Do you see what I mean? By the way, when I had COVID absolutely not one person did I infect, no one, no one. The person that gave it to me lived in my house and in the couple days that I was infected before I knew I had it, I didn’t see anyone, so I didn’t infect anyone. Okay. So that is not my karma. So when I say harm to none, I mean, personal, direct, I want to hurt you energy, like beating someone up or something like that. Direct, intentional hurt. But we don’t know everyone’s experience and why they’re experiencing certain things. Maybe someone died of COVID because they found their way out.


And to be honest with you, people are leaving this earth plane for all sorts of reasons. It’s not just COVID. The people who have died in the last six months. Not everyone has died from COVID as much as everyone wants you to think everyone has died because of COVID. That is not true. But if you think about what’s going on in the world and just take a moment and just really like, take this into effect, we’re kind of being told that everyone who’s dying is dying from COVID. What about the person who died from cancer? What about the person who died from a car accident? What about the person who died from heartbreak? I don’t know why people experience these things and neither do you. And that’s something you need to understand when you say, well, you might make someone else die because you are not wearing a mask or you are not vaccinated.


That’s not up to you to decide because maybe I’m so fearful. I am attracting people who are not vaccinated so that I can get sick and die of COVID because now everything I’ve been preaching to everyone else I’m proof. See, I died of COVID because you weren’t vaccinated. Boy, oh boy. Okay. Just so you know, I was not planning on going into the COVID crazy and the reason, oh my goodness, I’m laughing because it’s funny to me because we are so wrapped up in what other people are controlling us to think. And honestly, I don’t care. Have COVID, don’t have COVID. Get vaccinated, don’t get vaccinated. I don’t see the emotion behind it. But what I do see are people trying to control other people through fear, people trying to control other people through strong-arming them, through emotional blackmail. You can’t see your grandchildren if you’re not vaccinated.


And I understand where they’re coming from, right? I want you to know. So don’t email me and say, you have no idea what you’re talking about. This is important. I’m saving my child’s life. I understand. Thank God, I do not have a grandchild right now, or even a child in a young age group. Believe me. I’m very grateful for that. But what I do see is energy. So I see a lot of things that are very different from most people, because I see the matrix. I see how we create our reality and our matrix is being shaken up and in a crazy place, because we are sitting in an energy that is full of anger, fear, lack, and control. Period. That is it. And if you are wondering why the Taliban is doing some crazy things, it’s because now is the best time. And it has nothing to do with the troops pulling out of the area.


This is because the matrix is ripe for others to take control, to have mass experiences of difficulty, of pain, of fear, of control. This is a ripe time in our matrix, unfortunately, and we are responsible for that. You are responsible if you’re putting a lot of fear or anger into the matrix. I am responsible because I have put that energy into the matrix. I’m not going to deny that this isn’t a collective experience. So please, please, please, you beautiful lightworkers, please bring in more light and less fear. Please bring in more sovereignty and less control. Please recognize that this is happening for a reason. And we are all in this together. No matter which side of the fence you are on, I’m not on any fence. As a matter of fact, I don’t even see the fence, but this COVID thing is hurting us as a collective.


It’s hurting our hearts. It’s hurting our psyche. It’s hurting our connection with others. It’s hurting love. It’s damaging us in a big way. We are allowing other people to control us, to control how we perceive our reality. And if you are really ready to take back your power, sit in love, see it as love. See COVID as this beautiful experience and a wave of energy. You can even see those in power that are trying to control us and see them in love because they’re shaking up the matrix too. So no matter where anyone sits in the world, it’s all happening for a reason. But the more we put in unconditional love, creation energy, seeing everything as beautiful and perfect, even if you do it for a really short period of time, just sit in the iridescent, white light of unconditional love, shine it from your heart, into the world, into the matrix. Hopefully we can shift the energy back. I don’t see it happening for a couple more years. I think we’re going to be shook up pretty badly in the next few years. Don’t give up, please. Don’t give up. I send you so much love, so much beauty and grace. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this with your friends. Have a beautiful day, my beautiful Lightworkers! Much love.