In my podcast this week I shared a story about how people can create a lot of drama in spiritual communities. This is because the spiritual ego can become very activated when you are on your spiritual path. No matter how you feel you will want to investigate your issues with power and empowerment.

When you have a healthy relationship, understanding and subconscious programming around power you are way ahead of most. But the rest of us think we are empowered or have a healthy relationship with power, but this is under the guise of the spiritual ego.

When you’re raised by someone who uses their power to manipulate and control others you may still have that programming on the subconscious level. Most people have no idea the extent that they deny or use their power in an unhealthy way.

When you’re on the spiritual path you start to understand the words of power like compassion, understanding and wisdom. But are you looking at your own issues and underlying subconscious programming around power? In our world we have a weird dichotomy with power. Too many people see power as a negative energy and will either subdue their own power, bury it deep in their subconscious or let it sneak out as anger toward others or themselves.

Until you start looking deeply at your family pattern of power, empowerment, and manipulation/control you won’t have a healthy understanding of a relationship with power since it’s in your blind spots.

Look at your family’s patterns around controlling others or controlling themselves. Did or do you have someone in your life who was always disempowered? Are you or have you had someone in your life who is controlling or empowering themselves through anger, abuse or manipulation?

Power is such a difficult energy to explain to people. As a healer I see how people will think power is one thing because they built the spiritual ego around it but they express it in another way because they still have deep-seated empowerment issues.

Your power energy can show up by avoiding or running away from things you don’t want to deal with. It can also show up by controlling and manipulating others through money, your own power or the emotion like anger, sadness, and victim.

I could spend two more hours talking about how you may use power in an unhealthy way but for now just take a look at your own life and where your power is unhealthy. And next week I’ll talk more about empowerment.

©Melissa Feick
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