I have been a spiritual teacher, healer and intuitive reader for over 20 years and have been on the path of personal development since I was a teenager. I have traveled to places unknown and met people unseen. I have searched for meaning, awareness and God knows what else! I have chased the dream of enlightenment, ‘worked' on myself and made sure I was not taking anything ‘personally'.

I am so grateful to all my teachers, students, friends and everyone that has been on this journey with me. Words can't express the full gratitude my heart feels.

But, I am no longer going to strive, grasp, chase and wish for enlightenment. I am no longer going to be looking for all the things I need to fix in myself or seek out healing, so I may be a better me. I will, however, take full accountability for all I do and say without excuses (wait, shit that means I can’t even blame my ego, ‘sigh’).

I am going to commit to the awareness that I can be a better version than who I was a moment ago. I am going to recognize my mistakes without needing to fix them..


I am already an enlightened being when my ego is not buying into the story of..

  1. Not being good enough for (fill in the blank and boy do I like to fill in the blank!!!!)
  2. They did that to me (ugh, this one is my victim ego that loves the joy ride of a great pity party)
  3. I am too afraid to (fill in the blank again, an oldie but a goody)
  4. I will wait until (ugh, another fill in the blank, I really need some new material)
  5. You did it again (yup, I said it again, felt it again, I did it again, whatever it was!)

I could do this all day but you get the gist. I am not saying I have all the answers or that my ego is gone and I am now enlightened, follow me into the light. That would be me playing into my ego's need to make me better and for me to feel superior. This all comes from a place of being able to witness others struggle between their higher consciousness (soul, higher self, higher voice, Christ self etc.) and their ego. I see them becoming clear on what that Higher Consciousness feels and sounds like and watching the ego sabotage and deny it.

I truly know that the higher states of consciousness are within all of us!!! It is not ‘out there' but right there!! We do not listen or recognize it because our ego has so much to say about everything! How are we going to feel the subtle energy of the Higher Consciousness if the ego is constantly drowning it out by repeating the list above all of our waking moments?


I will not chase getting better, but I will become aware of the ego and Higher Consciousness and their role in my life. That is what I help others with, becoming empowered and allowing their Higher Consciousness to be more present than the ego.

©Melissa Feick
Spiritual Expansion Academy™