A few weeks ago, I was being interviewed in a group and I mentioned that I am not special and that none of us are special. Someone wrote in the chat “We are ALL special.” I hesitated and said “We are all ego special but energetically, we are all one. In the Oneness no one is special.”

You are unique. Your vibration, energy, and divine connection are unique to you. The flower is unique, as is the coyote. The flower celebrates its uniqueness by just “Being”. And the flower and the coyote are the same since they are the Oneness!

The flower does not try to change or be different so that the coyote will recognize it or love it or want to talk to it. The flower is not trying to have larger leaves to be more special than the flower next to it.

The flower knows that it is one with the other flowers and the coyote, while it is unique at the same time. There is nothing special about being unique, since we are all the same and unique.

The coyote moves through his life, just being a coyote. He doesn't think he needs to be a flower; he doesn't need to become the moon, he is content being a coyote. He sees the flower as it is without needing to know that that flower thinks it's special. The coyote doesn't want the flowers or the moon to think that he is special. He is unique, just as every blade of grass, every atom of the moon, everything on the earth, this is the connectedness of all.

Through that connection there's only one thing and that is love, so don’t look outside yourself to ask, “Am I special?” or “Who am I?”. The flower doesn’t look to the coyote to find it’s worth, the flower doesn't look at the rain and say I am a special flower since the rain came to me. They just exist in their own Beingness and uniqueness.

Be true to you. Your true self can never be compromised, celebrate your uniqueness without giving into the ego’s need to be special. Whether you label something as a flower, coyote, or the moon, it is unique but not really special since it’s part of the Oneness.


If I see myself separate from you, different from you, or the same as you, then I am not seeing the true you. Therefore, I'm not seeing the true me. I am only seeing the illusion that is put in front of me that makes me feel separate, alone, misunderstood. When I see your uniqueness, I may see my uniqueness or that I am not special enough. There is a difference between the ego’s need to be special and your unique energy, since when it comes down to it we are all just Oneness. This is beyond the thinking mind that recognizes that we are the same age, we are the same height, we live similar lives, so we must be the same.

Do you claim your uniqueness? Do you look outside yourself to gauge who and what you are?

When you look outside yourself to make yourself feel special and unique you are engaged in the ego’s projections. You are looking to others to see yourself.

When you connect to who you truly are, you recognize the Wholeness of all that is around you and love flows within, and you recognize Oneness. You see flowing love in every blade of grass, in every little beetle, and love in the sky and the moon.

All is unique on the Earth Plane and Divine Love flows through all of it. Next time you see anyone, including yourself as special, take a moment to reflect. Is it special to the ego or unique in its vibration? Are you comparing yourself to another? Are you seeing yourself as special or are you seeing the Oneness?

© 2022 Melissa Feick
Spiritual Expansion Academy™