Surrender is a word that a lot of people have difficulty with. They see surrender as something that means they're giving up their power or they're giving up their sovereignty. But surrender is really about you letting go of your control.

Most likely there are times when you have issues with giving up your control. You may not even know that you're so busy trying to control your environment, control your feelings, control how people perceive you. These are the ways we can try to control our world. “I want everybody to think that I'm this kind of person, so I'm going to control myself”.

Surrender isn't about doing anything. It's the opposite. It's non-action and we are used to being beings who always act. In your life there's always an action happening.

Surrender is non-action, you're not really doing anything. You're just being, and you are just experiencing. The fear around surrender is that that non-action energy seems uncomfortable and letting go of control or manipulation can be difficult.

Most people try to control their environment. I know as a mother, I was very used to controlling what happened to the kids, how they were dressed, what was going on, what they ate. When my children were little, my husband told me, “Melissa, you're trying to control everything I do with the kids.” And I went, “Wow, you're right. I am.” I would say to him things like, if you take them out, make sure they don't do this, make sure they get that, make sure you're not giving them soda or whatever controlling issue I had at the time.

The practice of surrender has made such a difference in my life and in my world, and especially in my manifestations. I think that surrender is all about trust. And when you can trust your higher consciousness, trust that the universe has your back, trust that everything's going to work out exactly how it should work out.

When you are in the energy of surrender and trust, your frequency is different.


Your vibration is holding the energy of openness, expansiveness, of allowing. And in that surrender energy, your frequency is very different from control. And that trust energy is the ultimate guidance system. That doesn't mean you're going to just acquiesce in anything and never make another decision in your life.

But what you want to look at is “What is it that I'm trying to create in my life? What does that look like?” Without trying to make it happen, try allowing it to happen.

This week pay attention to your energy when you are trying to control things. How do you feel? What is your ego mind telling you? Do you feel safer when you are controlling the world around you? Did you feel a lack of control over your life as a child?

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