Ascension is the spiritual awakening that brings us toward unity, consciousness and Divine Love, but it’s obvious that we are not there yet! This is because Ascension is a process, and we are moving from the old paradigm into a new one.

Please don’t be discouraged when you are being pulled toward the old matrix of separation and fear. Currently, the Law of Polarity is fully present in the world, which means that you are experiencing the opposite poles of yourself and everything around you.

Everything is dual in nature and even though love and unlovable seem to be separate, they are the same vibration, Love. The polarity of love is the opposite but the same. This polarity shows us the extreme nature of our matrix, since you can’t have good without bad and light without dark. They are all on the same spectrum but swing to the energy that is attracting it.

That is what happens to you. You wake up on a restless night with dreams of struggle and fear which in turn creates your own polarity to shift into a dark and gloomy place.

But then you decide to do a meditation and open your heart and how you shift into a place of love and peace.

You are choosing your matrix experience.

The polarity is showing you the opportunities of both. Your soul doesn’t care if you are unhappy or happy. That’s not the point of your existence. You are here to experience, take notes, and maybe to ascend to a higher vibration.

I decided to do an internal experiment with myself recently. Since I am so sensitive to energy, I feel very deeply, which can affect my inner polarity. Over the last few weeks, I have been acknowledging my feelings, and then just witnessing the feelings and thoughts.

I realized that every time I label my energy, thought or feeling as my own, I became more attached to it. I’m not talking about bypassing! I first close my eyes, go into my heart, and feel the feeling, then I acknowledge the feeling. After that, I bring my presence to the feeling or thought, I allow myself to become the observer. I observe the being experiencing the feeling or thought without making it my feeling or thought. That means I’m not attached to it at all. I am no longer claiming it as my own.

The Matrix of the Earth Plane hooks you into the belief that you are your thoughts, or you are your feelings. It has trained you and your ego that you have an invested interest in every thought or feeling that you experience. You’ve been convinced that you are lonely or that you are afraid, and the polarity feels so exciting. You begin to identify with every thought and feeling like “I am depressed”, “I am angry”.

But you don’t have to live in that paradigm, you can ascend past your internal matrix and external matrix.

© 2022 Melissa Feick

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