I just opened an email from someone who said something to the effect of, “If you are from the USA you are a thief, go away.” And then they sent a second email with something similar.

When my children were little, I remember being afraid of letting others know what I did. I was afraid that they would attack me or be judgmental. I was living on the east coast of the US and people weren’t very tolerant when it came to people like me.

For so long, I wasn’t forthright about what I did. If a fellow parent asked what I did, I would say I was a spiritual teacher. If they looked uncomfortable or didn’t ask anything else, I wouldn’t go into detail.

I would work in spiritual centers in my area. Hiding was easy for me, but I had to face my fears because it was time to begin helping more people in a bigger way. But that is also scary, because people can be mean and judgmental.

As an empath, I am sensitive to all energy, even from an email. I must be able to let go of the negative energy and words thrown in my direction. Now I know why so many people don’t want to put themselves out there with their spiritual work. But I had to toughen up, recognize it’s not about me and have compassion for what the person slinging the mud is going through.

I must be the one who is empathic and compassionate. It isn’t always easy. About a year ago, someone wrote me an email and said that I should be ashamed of myself for charging for my meditations even though the meditations are written in my book, so they don’t have to buy them. Since I help people with their deep shame, I was astonished that someone would use the word shame. That is so psychologically manipulative.

That one must also roll off my back.

It seems to be OK for people to get angry at someone they don’t know. It’s easier to see me as the bad guy than for them to look at why they are angry or upset.

Today, my ego called the person who sent the email crazy but then I stopped. I recognize the pain and anger this person had. I know that there are times I do things wrong, and I will own up to that, but I also realize it’s not up to me to make everyone happy.

I have a deep calling to help others, but there will be some that won’t like how, why or what you or I do. Many healers stay small and sabotage their efforts because they are afraid that they will be treated poorly.

I find that so many in the spiritual world judge so harshly. They want you to fail or to feel bad about yourself. If you feel any of that, take time to work on it so you can become more in your power and do your spiritual work.

Yes, people can be mean and hurtful, but that has nothing to do with you.

Some of you reading this may think I am looking for sympathy or that someone did something bad to me. But no one can hurt me unless they trigger an old wound.

I will no longer try to hide who and what I am. If you don’t like it, that’s ok. I honor your choice.

I would like to encourage you to do something to put yourself “out there” in some way without being attached to what people say, good or bad. Your ego is all proud and happy when the outside world says nice things and it gets mad and depressed when it isn’t nice.

Maybe these experiences show up so you can see where you are still triggered or where you feel not good enough. The awakening is happening, and our world needs more people who are helping others understand the subtle energy.

In your heart and soul you know who you are, don’t hide it, go and do your spiritual work!


© 2022 Melissa Feick

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