This is a real time of change, but as we know, change doesn’t always happen with ease and grace. Sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zone.

This is where our higher consciousness comes in. It nudges us without judgement or expectations. Isn’t that nice?

Anything you do or not do isn’t labeled as good or bad. You didn’t do anything wrong according to your higher consciousness. You may assume our guidance is like a scolding parent, but it’s not.

I have had some amazing healings and experiences lately but not all of them were easy. I recognize that any direction I head is perfect.

I use the term Higher Conscious more than Higher Self, but both terms are OK. There is no right or wrong! lol

But energetically, I see the higher-self connected to the body and part of the 8th chakra. I see the higher consciousness as the wise collective energy of all my incarnations and experiences. Many lightworkers and starseeds easily connect and bring in more of their higher-self, which helps them have more access to their higher consciousness.

At this time, we are guided to bring in more of our higher consciousness and follow that guidance. And even if you don’t follow your guidance, it is all perfect. Guidance is a subtle energy and it’s OK not to be sure.

Most humans are used to living in the lower state of consciousness where they are focused on the energy of self and survival. Basically, they live in a place of reactivity and the subconscious.

This is a very limited focus, whereas the higher consciousness has an expanded awareness. But your daily experience, conditioning and your brain has you focus on all the external experiences and difficulties. Why do you think all those gurus and saints spent time in monasteries and caves? To get away from the external world so they could explore their higher consciousness.

But that is not what you are supposed to do. You are here to explore your higher consciousness and live in a world which is not always easy. When you bring in more of your higher consciousness, you can be an example for others. In those moments when you see through the illusion, or you let go of the demands of the external world and you feel whole and connected, you are living in the energy of your higher consciousness.

You don’t have to be there all the time! When you have that moment or glimpse of your higher consciousness, you are anchoring it in more and more. Meditation is a great way to experience your higher consciousness.

When you experience the world from this place, you see love and can have compassion for suffering without being attached to it or having a need to fix it. You are the witness.

But your ego may try to grab hold of you and drag you back into your subconscious programming and that is OK! Any connection with your higher consciousness helps you transcend lifetimes of issues.

Honor yourself no matter where you are. Honor others, no matter where they are.


© 2022 Melissa Feick

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