You have so many layers, but are you aware of them all the time? Most likely you aren’t aware of your subconscious and reactive thoughts and feelings. They just come in and take over.

That is where the beauty of the observer comes in. The observer is your higher consciousness, your multidimensional awareness. If you are ready to activate the next level of your spiritual awakening, you want to activate and connect to your observer.

The observer has direct communication with your higher consciousness and is fully aware of the lower consciousness or ego-self. It awakens through the act of surrendering in the moment of reaction into a state of equanimity.

Equanimity is the awareness of balance and non-attachment even in the face of a difficult situation. When the observer within you (the witness) becomes present in the moment and connects with the energy of compassion and equanimity, it will surpass the attachment and reactionary responses.

I have witnessed this in two different ways.

One is when you are almost snapped into a total awareness, and you start seeing through the third eye as the observer. It happens in an instant and you immediately pay attention without judgment or any reaction at all. This happens spontaneously and without conscious thought or effort.

The second way is when you make a conscious choice to call the observer forward. You notice your ego and you ask yourself to become the witness of the situation. I play a game. I say, “in this moment, if I were to watch this from the outside, what would it look like?”

When you make it into a game, your ego is less resistant and open to allowing the observer to be present. Next, ask yourself to be present with the bigger picture and how all involved are feeling and open your own heart to compassion for everyone, including yourself.

Too often the ego gets caught in the need to control and react to a situation.


Becoming aware of the bigger picture and opening your heart is when the ego surrenders to the observer. Once the observer comes into awareness, the energy of the situation and the energy of the room shifts!

It’s the difference between feeling out of control and caught up in the moment and being the energy of compassion and observation.

When you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, you will want to start using tools to accelerate the process. Once you are spiritually awakened or more aware, you are more responsible for your behavior.

Start to work with your observer, which is your higher self or higher consciousness. I connect to it in meditation, use it as a witness during situations, especially when you feel triggered.

This part of you will help you feel more connected and help you witness your ego-self.

© 2022 Melissa Feick

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