My birthday is in a few weeks and it’s almost the end of 2022. During the month of December, I like to do a deep dive and contemplate this year.

One reason is that I don’t take any old energy into the new year. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my issues or difficulties. I just like to clear as much as I can before my birthday and the new year begins.

This year I am going deep into what it means to be a human. For 2023, I want to really embody what it means to be in the world, but not of it.

I know… haha

That is a huge endeavor, but why not go for the harder stuff? 2023 is an important year of transformation, so I want to be in my potential alignment.

But maybe you don’t completely grasp what I am talking about.

For me, being in the world without being of it means that I am more the witness or observer of life. When you start to watch the world unfold and things happening without attachment, you begin to understand the world from the perspective of love and peace.

You understand that being human isn’t easyfor anyone!! If someone is upset or reacts negatively, they may be going through a really difficult situation.

I want to have compassion and understanding for them even if they project their pain and hurt towards me. And have compassion and love for me!

As someone on the spiritual path, you may also not want to be in the world, especially if you are an empath. You want to disengage from your humanness and play with the angels or Ascended Masters.

But you chose to be here to be part of this amazing time of major transformation!!

For me, I want to feel love and compassion for myself as a human and a spiritual being. I don’t want to bypass my human and just focus on my spiritual self.

If I fall off the love and compassion wagon, I am going to jump back on without the negative talk that sometimes follows when the human becomes a whiny child!

It’s OK to be human. Heck, I love being human! But to be honest with you, I didn’t always feel that way. I was a classic “I am going to make sure this is my last incarnation on this crazy planet!” kind of person.

But as my connection with Spirit has become stronger and I see what the Ascension is all about, I now recognize why I am here. If I keep trying to deny my human self, I am rejecting my soul’s reason to incarnate here.

This is the reason I find being the observer such a powerful practice! When you observe anything, you are seeing it from the soul’s perspective.

Even if you become the witness after the fact, you still reap the benefits.

For example, if you have a difficult interaction with someone (boss, friend, lover, coworker, mother, or sibling) and you weren’t happy with how you reacted. Or if you are holding onto the anger or grudge toward that person, you can still be the observer.

I call this…

The observer after the fact. I know, fancy title. Haha

To observe after the fact:

  1. Clear your energy
  2. Go into your heart
  3. Imagine taking your awareness or consciousness about a foot above your head and a few inches behind your head.
    • You are observing from a different perspective
    • You are not in your mind and getting overwhelmed with your thoughts
    • You are not leaving your body
  4. ​​​​​​​And then replay the scene and watch from this place
    • Notice your energy
    • Notice your reactions
    • It’s easy to want to say that the other person did this and did that, and you have every right to be reactive. But try to go back into the neutral zone of your higher awareness.
    • Open your heart and see the scene with compassion for everyone

Any insight from the observer or witness can be very helpful for you to understand yourself.

Let me know what you think about this and what happened when you were the observer.

For the next few weeks I will share a little bit about my new year rituals and contemplations.


© 2022 Melissa Feick

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