Do words hold a vibration? To me, it really depends on the word and how and why it’s being used. Like the word love, it can mean heartbreak or a new car that you love. They are totally different energies!

Everything has a vibration, but especially the energy you add to what you are doing and saying. This goes for anything you are saying.

What is the feeling and energy driving the word or phrase?

I like to create an intention every year. I make this intention a word. When I choose a word for the year, I take it seriously and my intention is to embody that word for the whole year.

I, personally, have used just one word for my yearly intention. It’s OK to use a short phrase, but if you can narrow it down to one or two words, it’s more beneficial.

Let's say you have a favorite quote or book that you want to have as an intention for the year. What word would summarize that book or quote?

For instance, if I chose the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I would want to embrace the energy of that book. I would create a list of words that represented the book and how it made me feel. Once that was complete, I would do the meditation, to narrow down the word.

Some of the words I would take from the book would be creative, magic, or magical, expansive, adventurous or fearless. Even if you chose the same book, you might have a different list; this should be personal and push you a little beyond your comfort zone.

I will give you a few examples of my past intentions and how they affected me!

For years my word was surrender. I wrote the word on my white board in my office and sticky notes in a few places. I would meditate on the energy and deeper meaning of the word and ask for it to support me throughout the year!

The reason I kept the word for a few years is because I didn’t feel I was able to fully embody the energy of the word and completely surrender.

My intention was to live the energy of the word and surrender helped me to see my life differently. It had a profound effect on my manifestations!

If I was struggling or things were difficult, I would feel into surrender, and everything would shift for me. My intention that year was to embody and become the energy of surrender. Now it's so much easier for me to surrender in the moment because I embody the word.

One year my word was service, which showed me how self-service and divine service supported me and how to be aware when it became ego service.

I wouldn't have ever understood and known this on such a profoundly deep level if I had not focused on that word throughout the year.

Here are the steps to finding your word!

1. Start to ask for your higher guidance to bring forward the energy you desire to create for the next year. This energy intention will become a significant mile marker along your spiritual path.

2. What is your favorite quote or book? What words resonate with you?

3. Once you have your word, try it out for a few days, and you will know this word is right if it feels wonderful and maybe even a little scary.

Sometimes we are asked to get out of our comfort zone.

When my yearly intention was service, I didn't realize how it would encourage me to live beyond what I thought service was! It was sometimes uncomfortable and exciting at the same time!

If you are over thinking your word and want everyone else’s opinion, you are missing out on the power behind the word. You want a word or phrase that is just for you!

When I chose surrender, I knew that not everyone would understand or resonate with that word.

If you really can’t make up your mind and you are feeling conflicted, please put the words in a bowl, close your eyes, take a deep breath, bring your awareness to your heart and say three times “I trust my guidance”.

Reach into the bowl and pick one of the pieces of paper and as you open it feel gratitude! That’s it, you are going to use that word or phrase, no more need to think about it.

Let me know your word for the year! I would love to hear what you chose!

Much Love

© 2022 Melissa Feick

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