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Ascension Energy Healing

Ascension Energy Healing is the fastest way to remove all energy that is blocking your Ascension Process. I help you remove, from your DNA, traumas and programs that are keeping you stuck in dis-ease and unhealthy habits. The DNA holds not just your cellular blueprint but it also holds cellular memory and karma.

What causes an imbalance in your mental, emotional and physical bodies is multidimensional and complicated. Most healings only work on one or two levels. This healing works on all three so you receive the highest vibrational healing to release lifetimes of programs and illnesses.

Inside your body you have physical and non-physical structures and the body responds to your environment both physically and in a non-physical way. The Ascension Healing releases old traumas and programs and reprograms the crystalline structure within the DNA. This reprogramming is so gentle but extremely effective. It works on the physical, mental and emotional levels all at once since all imbalances are connected to all of these bodies and your karma. This healing also removes the fears, lower emotions, traumas and negative memory is deactivated.

As the DNA begins to reprogram you start to see beyond the illusion of this space into the Oneness and Ascension states of consciousness like instant healing, inner peace, unconditional love, instant manifestation and bilocation to name a few.

Depending on your karma and the ascension work you have already done you will see different results. After each healing session I will give you specific instructions to raise your vibration which will also help your results.

This healing is best for you if you desire deep change and transformation in your life. Ascension Energy Healing requires your commitment to your Ascension Process.

Healing sessions may be in person in Severna Park, MD or over phone or Skype.

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