Activate your Light Codes & Excel your Ascension Process

 In a high vibrational environment 

  • A high vibrational grid is activated to open up to the multi-dimensions
  • Raise your vibration
  • Drastically change your life 
  • Connect to the Unity Consciousness
  • Upgrade to your DNA
  • Upgrades to your intuition
  • Deep and profound meditations

Powerful Meditations and Activations to Propel Your Ascension Process

Through the Spiritual Expansion Academy-Online Class!

Are you ready to:

  • Understand your spiritual awakening
  • Recognize your limiting beliefs
  • Raise your vibration
  • Recreate your life
  • Upgrade your DNA
  • Upgrade your cells

Quantum Leap your transformation and change your life now!

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There will be deep spiritual openings, connections, and healings that will affect your higher consciousness, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, your cellular structure, and your multidimensional self. Throughout this program, you will experience high-frequency transmissions and attunements both during class and in your daily meditations after class. 

We will be discussing, meditating and working on our Ascension Process.

It’s hard to describe the transformation people experience and the depth of the information channeled!

This is Level One of a series 

Limited Space Available

Starts Thursday, April 23, 2020

US ET (New York)

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What is included in the Ascension Class?

This is an interactive online class. All classes will be live with Meditations. You will also have access to the recordings of the live calls and all your learning materials will be online. All you have to do it turn on your computer and join the call!

Classes begin on April 23, 2020 from 7pm-8:30pm US Eastern Time (New York Time)
If you miss a class it will be recorded so you won’t miss anything!

Some of the information we will cover in the workshop is:

  • How to work with your multidimensional self
  • Understanding your Ascension Process
  • Transformation and raising your vibration
  • How Light Codes activate your physical, emotional and mental bodies
  • Learn to work with and activate the dormant light codes in your DNA
  • Intimate understanding of what these activations are and why you need them to ascend
  • Heighten your connection with the higher counsels working with the Ascension of the Earth
  • Upgrades to your DNA, your intuition, your physical, emotional and mental bodies
  • A deeper understanding of the galactic energy and Ascension process
  • DNA and Ascension activations
  • High-Frequency energies to attune you to your higher consciousness
  • High vibrational meditations in every class

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Hi! I’m Melissa Feick
I’ve been a professional intuitive for over 20 years and teaching Intuitive Development to people just like you for over 15 years.

I have been studying and working on the Ascension process for many years and through many different means, including channeled work, I have discovered some Powerful Meditations and Activation’s to propel your Ascension process.

I’ve always liked teaching my students have said that I’m a “natural teacher.” So it’s fun for me to think about how to explain the spiritual topics that really light me up. I’m talking about the transformational tools and techniques that really have worked to change my life, and the lives of so many of my clients. I want to share. I really want to help, so I put my all into making it easy for you to understand.

People tell me that I am able to take complex material and share it in a way that makes sense and helps you expand your awareness. Teaching isn’t about knowing facts, although that’s important, teaching is about being able to transfer the information to the students. I find that transference means you receive the understanding, wisdom and cosmic energy of the material! The energy has to connect.

So I might teach in a slightly different way than you are used to! Since I am a spiritual teacher that not only learns from sources across the world but also learns from exploring energy all the time, I’m always expanding my abilities and vibration. Connecting to the Quantum Field and multi-dimensional energy and beings opens the energy up to your Ascension Process. I believe energy is all about expansion and Creation and I have made an agreement with the Ascension Masters that I will teach and be the energy of Ascension. 

I am here to guide you on your Ascension Journey!

Even when I am in the process of teaching, there are activations and transmissions. I am so amazed by the energy in these classes and the changes I’m seeing in the students which is why I’m sharing this with you!

This is Level 1 and each level builds on the other. You will need to complete this level before you can experience the next level.

What will you experience?

This class is a sacred experience and the more you put into the class the more you will get out of it. The meditations will activate the dormant light codes within your energetic and physical bodies. The Ascension is happening and if we can raise our vibration and allow in the miraculous into our lives we are part of the shift. You will also learn all about the ascension process and how the matrix has shifted and the opportunity for us to shift as individuals and as a collective. The energy is coming through in waves.
We are being asked to gather in groups to receive group activations.


Light Language & Activation

The energy frequency of light codes speaks in a language of light vibration. The ultimate goal is to shift your energy past the ego into a higher consciousness. As you activate you will shift the potential to a higher vibration and instant creation. These activations are all about service but not sacrifice.

In addition to the Online Live classes below, you will receive homework to support your Ascension.

Taking the first step is never easy. 

You may hesitate to sign up for this class when you click the button, but you will feel elated and ready to go once you have joined us! This is because it’s not easy to make changes so people sometimes hold themselves back. But once you make the change, it’s a lot easier to feel good. Most people stay stuck, but I suspect that you are not one of them! Nope, you want to live a full happy life and you are ready to excel and massively transform your life right away!

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New Class Starts
Thursday April 23, 2020

Every Thursday for 12 Weeks
7pm-8:30pm EDT

Investment: $777 Level 1
Payment Plan $277 for 3 monthly payments!
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I will close the class once the class is full!

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