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Align with Your Higher Consciousness

The Enlightened Healer Coaching Program is the next step for the Advanced Healer and Spiritual Teacher because it offers advanced techniques which support your enlightenment, ascension, shifts your perspective and heightens your connection with your higher consciousness!

Why The Enlightened Healer Coaching Program is the Next Step for You!

As a enlightened leader being in Alignment is the best way to attract the right clients and opportunities. You will learn to quiet the negative voices that make the alignment and flow stagnant. This will allow you to open up your heart so healings will flow gently and easily. You will also become more aware of how the mind can become a dam to your alignment with your Higher Self. Once the flow and alignment is present you will experience a quiet mind which will open you up to your Higher Consciousness Mind!

What Happens When You Claim Your Power!

When you claim your power as a spiritual leader and discover the Power of Centeredness and being in your Higher Consciousness so you may be able to assist others in their enlightenment.  These advanced techniques will ground you in your own energy so you will never feel drained after being with a client again!

When You Become a Enlightened Healer!

During this coaching program you gain trust in the Universe/God so it is in consistent alignment with you! During our time together you will gain clarity and focus on your next steps that will take you to a new level of Self Mastery which will center your focus on being of service to others in a bigger way!

Claim Your Uniqueness as an Enlightened Healer and Teacher!

Be the Unique Spiritual Leader you are meant to be. The connection with your soul and soul purpose will be clearer and you will feel completely aligned with the wisdom that comes from that connection. Become a more empowered leader in your community by living from the Higher Consciousness of an Enlightened Being!  Move forward with your life plan and be in alignment with your heightened awareness!

Align With Your Higher Consciousness

  • The next step for Healers and Spiritual Teachers
  • Advanced Techniques that support your enlightenment
  • Heighten your connection with your higher consciousness
  • Step into your role as a spiritual leader
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