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I invite you to join us in a high vibrational environment to activate your light codes and excel your Ascension Process. Within this space, we create a higher vibrational grid (everyone is blown away by the energy) which will open the space multidimensionally.  I have been asked by the keepers of the Emerald Tablet and other galactic beings to have this class be in person and online! You will get the same benefit and experience if you are online or in person. It will be like a livestream where you can chat and ask questions.

Ascension is about letting go of the ego and focusing on being of service and recognizing how the ego gets in the way of your divine self. This divine self (higher self/soul) is the part that is being activated through the Ascension process.
I have been studying and working on the Ascension process for many years and through many different means, including channeled work, I have discovered some wonderful meditations and activation’s to propel your Ascension process.

There will be deep spiritual openings, connections, and healings that will affect your higher consciousness, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, your cellular structure, and your multidimensional self. Throughout this program, you will experience high-frequency transmissions and attunements both during class and in your daily meditations. 

I already have students in place but I am inviting a few more to join us. 

During this six month intensive, we will be discussing, meditating and working on our Ascension
Process. Some of the information we will cover in the workshop is:

  • How to work with your multidimensional self
  • Exploring and understanding the subtle bodies
  • Transform your lower vibration into a higher vibration
  • Eliminate your blocks to your higher self
  • Learn to listen to the higher self
  • Recognize your full potential as a spiritual being
  • Learn to work with and activate the dormant light codes in your DNA
  • Learn to recognize when the ego gets in the way of your Ascension
  • Enhance your conscious awareness
  • Heighten your connection with the higher counsels working with the Ascension of the Earth
  • DNA and Ascension activations
  • High-Frequency energies to attune your subtle bodies
  • And much more

This is a six-month class and there is very limited space in Severna Park and a limited number of online students. You must be able to commit to all six months.  All classes will be recorded and loaded onto a membership portal. You will have to pay monthly via PayPal unless other arrangements are made. (It will come out to be $25/class)

The spiritual beings directing this class are ready to assist you and help you to ascend the earth plane of sorrow and be able to open you up to your highest potential.

First class Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 7pm-9pm EST and every Tuesday 7-9 thereafter

If you are interested please contact me ASAP and we will discuss if this class will be a good fit for you.