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Join Melissa Feick and Scheri Goff to raise your vibration with crystal sound bowl ringing and a guided meditation to heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies and manifest an inner state of peace.  

Connection to the divine happens when you let go of the limited self and float in the energy of love and bliss. This sound healing and meditation will bring your awareness to the shadow areas within yourself that you are willing to open and embrace. We will glide along the higher vibrational plane of the 99% quartz crystal bowls vibrations while receiving a channeled meditation. This is a safe and intimate setting where hearts may heal and any parts of you that that are unconsciously blocked will open to your connection with the divine, aligning you to the energy of LOVE. The vibrational power of sound and a high-frequency environment will lead you into a state of expanded consciousness that allows the space of awareness and pure connection to the next level of your own vibration.

We have chosen to combine the highest frequency of energy in order to facilitate the deepest healing with crystal bowl ringing, crystal grids, and a powerful guided meditation. We know you are ready to raise your vibration so sign up today!!

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The doors open at 6:30pm and we will start at 7pm promptly.

There is very limited space so you must pay in order to secure your seat.

Scheri Goff
I have been practicing yoga over 20 years and have thousands of instructional hours.   I earned my registered yoga teacher certificate and title “Yoga Siromani” in Vrindavan, India from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.  Yoga has given me a holistic framework to live in my body well.  I have had the opportunity to travel the globe (workshops in India, Croatia, Ukraine, Germany, England, France and Spain) learning and studying Yoga techniques and spiritual philosophies which has benefited me immensely.  I am truly passionate about yoga no matter your age or body type, I believe good health, a long life, peace, prosperity and spiritual connectedness may be obtained through a daily practice.  I have worked as a social worker with children for 10 years and then earned a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.  http://yamunayogi.com/

Melissa Feick
Melissa is an Ascension teacher, healer, coach, speaker and an advanced intuitive as well as the author of A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records. She has many online and in-person classes and a fun membership program. Melissa’s coaching/healing is completely intuitive with the structure to help you raise your vibration, feel more on purpose and become the power of joy, she see’s clients in Maryland and over the internet! https://melissafeick.com/