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Monday, March 20, 2018, 7-8:30

During this attunement and meditation, we will open to the Sun’s energy, the spring equinox and the solar flares coming our way.

We are here to use the new astrological year and the ascension energy of the Sun to transcend your self-inflicted limitations and master the illusion. We are going to master and utilize your emotional center to create your life. This attunement will also help you release your blocks to your Grace and open to the Divine Grace of connection and service through Oneness.

We will be healing the self and the shadow self so you may open up to your next jump in potential!  Mastery and Grace is the theme for this attunement. We are at a point in our evolution to access our potential and master our whole selves. This is the metaphysical vibration of mastery which connects to the evolution from fear into Love and Grace!

Investment $25

Meditation will be recorded and you will receive the replay within 48 hours of the event.