Multidimensional Healing:
Raise your Vibration and Accelerate Your Ascension Process

Vibrational Leader ~ Transformation ~ Spiritual Business Advice ~ Intuitive Living

If you want to transform your life, live a life of leadership, purpose, creativity and service and be more inspired and heart centered this Community is for you.

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Akashic Records Reader, Healer, and Coach

It’s Time for You to Take Back Your Power

 When you are a certified Akashic Records Reader and Healer through the Spiritual Expansion Academy you have the tools to transform people’s lives immediately. You will also receive deep clearings and healings that will take your own energy to a higher vibration and you will feel more on purpose!
You will not find a higher vibrational certification than this one, since working on the Quantum Field creates shifts instantly. You will experience deep transformation within yourself and within your life, and you’ll also learn how to help others with their deep transformation.
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Activate your Light Codes & Excel your Ascension Process
 In a high vibrational environment

Powerful Meditations and Activations to Propel Your Ascension Process

Are you ready to:

  • Understand your spiritual awakening
  • Recognize your limiting beliefs
  • Raise your vibration
  • Recreate your life
  • Upgrade your DNA
  • Upgrade your cells


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Alchemy Inner Circle

Special Inner Circle for the Serious Ascension Aspirant 
 In a high vibrational environment 
  • This is an exclusive Circle 
  • Multidimensional Energy Grid is accessed 
  • This group is being formed to work on creation/manifestation and Ascension
  • Massive internal transformation 
  • Deep and profound Alchemy meditations
Powerful Alchemy Meditations and Activations to Propel Your Ascension Process
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