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When Negativity Becomes Love

For many years my focus has been to be of service. How I have expressed it has changed but underlying it all I know it’s where I am to focus my energy. Over the last few months I realized that it’s not really about service, it’s about holding the space for love. My friend really drove that home for me a few weeks ago and I am seeing it in a whole new light. Between my friend and a serious mediation practice I am seeing why love is so important. I want to hold the energy of love in all [...]

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Follow Your Guidance Even When You Don’t Want To

Back in 2005 my guides kept telling me not to just go to Sedona, Az but to bring a group of people with me. That was the craziest idea I had ever heard because I had never been to Sedona and I didn’t know anything about the area or how to run a retreat. This was way out of my comfort zone, how could I pull something like this off? I started researching and reading books about the area and the energy there. I looked into hotels and car rentals as well as what to do while there. I [...]

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Spiritual Power

Wait, what?”  It felt like I was waking up from a dream.  “You always make a fool of yourself when you are around those people. You know you are not smart, you should just keep your mouth shut!”  I state to myself. “Wait..”, I say.  “You are right, why do I do everything wrong?” When you have an interior dialog that is constantly chattering away, you become so immune and complacent to it you do not realize what it is saying or what is happening.  You allow it to take over your thoughts and emotions and carry you into sadness [...]

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Third Eye Meditation

This video includes a short introduction to the third eye and a guided meditation that will open and activate your third eye. This was done live on google hangout so the video quality is so so. Please comment below if you enjoyed this video In loving kindness Melissa

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