Third Eye Light Activation Meditation & Training

Ascension Training for Your Third Eye

I’m going to share with you how to see through the illusion through your third eye to the truth. I’ve been teaching intuitive development for over 15 years, and I noticed there’s a lot of misinformation out there, so I want to share with you all the things about the third eye that are so important for you to understand and it’s going to blow your mind!

This training includes a video explaining the third eye in a way you may not have known. It’s a new way to understand and activate your third eye.  You will also receive the downloadable meditation in an mp3.

The light codes are activating your pineal gland, and they’re coming through your higher chakras to activate the pineal gland, and the reason this is important is that you cannot activate the pineal gland through exterior vision.

Activating the third eye can be done through connecting your chakras in a very specific way, and after you connect your chakras, you are activating the cones and rods within the pineal gland to see multi-dimensionally. To see this way it helps to be more centered. Your pineal gland is your third eye chakra so when you see beyond what your physical eyes experience you see through the divine light codes and the language of light. This activates your pineal gland to see and experience multi-dimensionally.


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