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Sedona Healing Journey

I am not doing a journey in 2019

Visit the Red Rocks and Vortexes
of Sedona, AZ

This experience will be life altering and enchanting! Even in just five days one cannot help but be transformed by the magical and mysterious land of Sedona. 

Sedona is a high-energy center with beautiful red rocks, hiking trails, vortexes, and a spiritual community. On this retreat, facilitated by Melissa Feick, we will visit the vortexes and work through the blocks that are holding us back from our passions.  We will be experiencing the healing energy of the land through meditations, teachings, other life regressions and play!

Geometric Shapes!

We will have three Group Conference Calls before the Sedona Journey. We will be working on specific energy and intuitive tools to help you prepare for this Retreat!  These are not tools I will be teaching anywhere else.  

The vortexes amplify energy which will enhance your manifestations, healings, meditations, intuitive abilities and open you up to higher frequencies. You will know if you are being called to come on this retreat. During this journey the participants will experience a powerful shift of consciousness which will raise their vibration into Oneness and Divine love.

What You Can Expect:

  • Meditation to meet your Native Spirit Guide
  • Experience a Shamanic Journey and meet your power animals and receive messages
  • Deep Healings on your body, mind and soul levels
  • Teachings and Meditations to connect to the star beings
  • Commune with Mother Earth and the nature spirits of the land
  • Special class to Manifest and dimensionalize objects
  • Working with your Higher Consciousness to anchor it in
  • Learn to connect to other dimensions
  • Lightworking for Mother Earth
  • Release old patterns and reconnect with the divinity within
  • Spend time going within and exploring

We will be connecting with many of the vortexes which will raise your vibration so you can connect and receive divine assistance.  We will be enjoying the companionship of spirit through sharing this terrific experience with our fellow travelers, meditations and group activities.  If you are on a quest of an exciting fun time while recreating your life, this is the place to go!!

The vortexes of Sedona are a transformational energy which naturally shifts your vibration.

One Afternoon we will be taking a tour with a local guide to experience a blessing ceremony and a dream journey through drumming, rattles and flutes and a vortex medicine wheel. I ask that you pool together money for a tip 


$997 with a deposit of $200 before Sept 1
$200 Nonrefundable Deposit to hold your spot by check
Must be paid in full by Aug 15

**Cost does not include airfare, hotel or meals
***Limited Space since this needs to be an intimate group


Please contact Melissa before you send in your payment to make sure we still have openings. Send your check to Melissa Feick 335 Hartman Dr Severna Park, MD 21146.  If you want to pay by credit card (fees apply) please contact Melissa directly by email at Melissa@MelissaFeick.com or by calling 410-279-0406.


We are staying at Sky Ranch Lodge right near Airport Vortex! www.skyranchlodge.com. Once you register please call Sky Ranch Lodge and make your reservation under Melissa Feick. The rooms are reserved for Tue Oct 3-Mon Oct 9 at $145/night but if you would like special accommodations, the rooms book quickly so I would suggest you change your reservation ASAP. If you would like to share a room please contact Melissa.

Travel to Sedona:

You will want to fly to Phoenix on Tue Oct 3 and depart on Mon Oct 8. Or arrive earlier and stay longer to explore the area on your own! Check flights on Southwest and other airlines. You may also fly into Flagstaff, you will find a flight through American Airlines.

From Phoenix its a beautiful 2 hour drive to Sedona. You may rent a car through the airport or through Priceline or Hotwire. It is easiest to ride share.

Daily Schedule:

Retreat starts at 5:30pm Tuesday Oct 3 and ends about 4pm on Sunday Oct 8. We will be gathering at 8 am for anyone who wants to go to the deli or store to get lunch. Once we leave on our excursions we are out for the day. We will have coolers to keep your lunch and snacks cold. Water and lights snacks will be provided.

Before the Trip:

I will be scheduling 3 teleclasses before the Retreat. In the classes we will be working on specific intuitive tools and higher consciousness work that will prepare you for the Retreat. Once you send in the deposit you will be added to our Facebook Group where we’ll communicate before the Retreat. Everyone going on the Retreat will be on the page so you can inquire about ride shares and other details about Sedona and the trip.

***There will be some walking and hiking but it’s up to you how much you want to do.

***This Retreat includes all transportation to group dinners and to vortexes.

***We will meet at 5:30 pm on Tuesday Oct 3 at Sky Ranch overlook to do a sunset ritual. After the sunset we will depart for dinner at Javelia Cantina for dinner and to go over the details for the week.

Photos and Videos From Years Past: