My Akashic Records Journey

I learned about the Akashic Records (AR) in the 90’s in Edgar Casey readings and in my first metaphysical classes. I used to do past life regressions for people and Akashic Records readings back then.

Forward many years and many changes later when I started working exclusively on the Quantum Field. One day in mediation I was shown the records on the Quantum Field and my guides asked me to put a class together to show others how to easily access their records, not on the lower planes but on the Quantum Field. The channeled information I received that day was amazing and I couldn’t believe how life altering the experience was for me and my clients!

Since then I have been teaching Akashic Records with the highest vibration I have ever experienced and the changes in my clients were exciting and deep.

I believe that my passion and life purpose is to help you as a spiritually open person, to empower yourself and to be All That You Are, your True Self. It seems that the Akashic Records and mentoring are what I came here to do since I love supporting others in their spiritual life!

What did you come here to do?

The Akashic Records will help you discover that!

I am currently working on a Level 2 Akashic Records class and a few other projects. If you are interested in an Akashic Records Reading please Click Here.