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Do you feel like you are all alone on your spiritual path?

Unsure where to go next?
Are you an empath?
A healer or energy worker?

Perhaps you see the world in a different way. And perhaps the people around you just do not see what you see. Do your friends, family or coworkers have a hard time understanding when you talk about your spiritual experiences?
The Spiritual Expansion Community is dedicated as a safe space for spiritual seekers like you. Safety means allowing your heart to be open without fear.
Isn’t it nice to talk to people who understand your beliefs?

It’s difficult for many sensitive people who don’t have a community that understands them. Or maybe their friends or family judge them for their beliefs. Too many lightworkers don’t feel validated or heard when it comes to their spirituality. They find it difficult to connect with others because they don’t feel validated. They need a support system where they can learn, heal and connect. They want to feel normal.
If you’ve felt out of place, you are not alone. There are other people like you! And there is a way forward so that you always know what to do next, trusting your intuition and your Higher Self to guide you through every decision you have to make.
Being sensitive and spiritual can be confusing when other people don’t see the world as you do. But the truth is that you are in good company–other people can understand your challenges, and you can collaborate to create incredible growth.
All you need is a safe environment, where you can connect to the right people in a safe place.

What is safe space?

It means keeping your space sacred with a high vibration and an open energy.

Expand your consciousness with other like minds in safe space.

The Spiritual Expansion Community is a network of like-minded individuals who want to release anything in the way of being at our highest vibration so we can have happy, spiritually fulfilled lives. Safe space helps us to be our best selves and connect in a community together.
You can access this sacred community any time, from any place! It’s online. There you can tap into positive energy to help be in the best state of mind to manifest your desires. You’ll have people to celebrate the “coincidences” that happen in life, that you know are not just a coincidence! You’ll be able to talk about the healing work you are doing for yourself, or the challenges you go through being sensitive to other people or cosmic energies. You can talk about your spiritual helpers and the intuitive messages that you get when they just “don’t make sense” to most people, or even yourself!

The Spiritual Expansion Community

The intention of this community is to support, inspire and

encourage you to reach your highest potential.

Welcome to a group where you can talk about everything spiritual, connect with other seekers and feel heard. It’s a no judgment zone. This supportive network is created by Melissa Feick, an experienced spiritual teacher, coach and advanced intuitive. As a part of the group, you will get individual attention and direct help from Melissa: free answers to all your questions and support along your growth path. Through good times and bad, through the ups and downs, we’re in this together! Melissa is dedicated to higher service and growing along with you in this safe supportive community.

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Safe Space

  • Support
  • We Encourage You To Be Your Best Potential
  • We Share Intuitive & Spiritual Information 
  • Healing Energy
  • Love
  • We Will Empower You
  • We Accept You the Way You Are and Who You Want to Be
  • Service
  • Helping Each Other to Grow and Be Purposeful
  • Sharing Positive Energy

I know what it’s like to feel alone with nowhere to turn. I used to crave a spiritual teacher and community that would inspire, encourage and support me. I was eager to reach my highest potential and live from my grandest self, but I was all on my own to figure out how!

Now, many years later, one of my favorite things is to get lightworkers and spiritual people together in a community. I have seen miracles happen when an awakened community support each other! It’s amazing to know you have so many gifted healers and teachers who want to help you on your path.

I’ve been a professional intuitive for over 20 years and teaching Spiritual and Intuitive Development classes for over 15 years. Every class is not only an opportunity for my students to learn and grow from the material I teach but to learn from each other–you are powerful and when powerful people get together, amazing things happen!

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Member Benefits


Create your overall intention for the year. This will aid in your mental, emotional and spiritual growth throughout the year! Receive a free meditation and practice to help you.


Get answers to all your questions, for free! Every odd month of the year you can send me any and all questions you have about your spiritual expansion. This includes anything pertaining to intuitive development, consciousness, mediation, deep metaphysical topics, ascension, enlightenment, chakras, etc. These questions will be answered via a recording and loaded onto our private area for everyone in the community to view.


Free Readings! Each month I will be in our exclusive group to do intuitive readings. You will ask one question via email or during the live call and I will answer it live. You will be able to watch live or watch the recording to receive your answer from Spirit!


Continue to grow each month with the monthly intention. Each month you will be given a word or phrase that will become the focused intention as part of the community. This will help you on your spiritual path by using love, attention and whimsical energy as a guide post! Together we can support huge shifts.


Reach your true potential and expand your consciousness all year long. Each month I will use the monthly intention to create guided meditations. Each of these meditations will include attunements & healing energy and the meditations will be created by spirit! Let go of what is holding you back and step into a new understanding. Connect to your higher self in a deeper way every month.

  • Enjoy unlimited access to these meditations while you are part of the community. Listen as many times as you like.
  • BONUS! Receive access to all previous meditations while you are part of the community


Manifest your desires and feel your creative power supported by the group!

Each month I will post a high vibration energy photo where you will post your specific manifestations. Each member of our community will include your manifestations in their own manifestations and prayers!

  • The community energy helps all of us to manifest our desires. Together we increase the vibration and the community of creation.
  • Exact details are included in your membership portal and in your welcome email


Expand your intuition and grow into your best self with monthly classes on personal development, spiritual concepts, meditation practices, and intuitive development tools!
Get new video and written content in the private group every month.

January 2019

Learn to Clear your space

February 2019

Learn to Activate your space to a higher vibration

March 2019

What is spiritual guidance?

April 2019


May 2019

Your Higher self

June 2019

Guides & Angels 

July 2019

Third eye exercises

August 2019

Spiritual energy

September 2019

Spiritual helpers

October 2019


November 2019

Energy techniques for the holidays 

December 2019


Are you ready to be more yourself? Reach your potential and stop holding on to whatever is holding you back?

You don’t have to walk the spiritual path alone!

There is Strength in Numbers:

The Spiritual Expansion Community,
a Place Where you can Expand, Grow, and Manifest Your Desires

The Spiritual Expansion Community is a safe place where we understand what it is like for you, including the difficulties of being an empath, a healer, or a highly sensitive person. If you’d like to always know what to do next because you can hear your intuition that strongly, then the Spiritual Expansion Community is for you!

Connect to your Higher Self and feel Supported by Other People like you! Learn more about spiritual and personal development topics, and have all your questions through the year answered–it’s all included in The Spiritual Expansion Community.

I can’t wait to connect and support you on your spiritual journey!

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