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What is Spiritual Expansion Healing & Coaching?

Spiritual Expansion Healing and Coaching is the fastest way to remove all energy that is blocking you. I help you remove, from your DNA, traumas, and programs that are keeping you stuck in dis-ease and unhealthy habits. The DNA holds not just your cellular blueprint but it also holds cellular memory and karma. I use my intuition to find the stuck energy that is causing you difficulty in your life.

What causes an imbalance in your mental, emotional and physical bodies is multidimensional and complicated. Most healings only work on one or two levels. This Intuitive Healing works on all three so you receive the highest vibrational healing to release lifetimes of programs and illnesses. This Spiritual Life Coaching and Spiritual Healing will support you in creating the life you desire.


What are the benefits of Spiritual Expansion Healing & Coaching? 

Inside your body, you have physical and non-physical structures and the body responds to your environment both physically and in a non-physical way. This Spiritual Healing releases old traumas and programs and reprograms the crystalline structure within the DNA. This reprogramming is so gentle but extremely effective. It works on the physical, mental and emotional levels all at once since all imbalances are connected to all of these bodies and your karma. This healing also removes the fears, lower emotions, traumas and negative memory is deactivated.

As the DNA begins to reprogram you start to see beyond the illusion of this space into the Oneness and Ascension states of consciousness like instant healing, inner peace, unconditional love, instant manifestation, and bilocation to name a few. You will also begin to Align with Your Higher Consciousness and fall in love with life!

When you work with me you receive the support and help you need to move forward with clarity and focus! Since I am an advanced healer and intuitive you will experience deeper healing and accelerate your process. I create a safe, loving environment while keeping you grounded and on track in your life. I will help you see through your blocks and shift them so you may create the life you desire.

When you work with an Advanced Intuitive Life Coach you experience a profound life shift!

What is included in Spiritual Expansion Healing & Coaching? 

This is the best combination of deep Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Coaching. When you work with an advanced Energy Healer and Intuitive who’s able to help you expand past your limitations and blocks you receive major life shifts in every area of your life.  I create a sacred space of support that creates a sense of safety and possibility. Since I am an advanced intuitive I can guide you to the most profound, intimate healing so you can become your fullest potential, feel more on purpose and experience joy.

What sets Spiritual Expansion Healing & Coaching apart from others?

This Spiritual Expansion Healing & Coaching has evolved as I have evolved as a healer and coach. The depth of the healing and coaching will help you realize what you truly desire, you will start to live your life happier and healthier.

Regular Life Coaches bring you through a process to identify your strengths and whats most important to you and gives you tasks to complete. If you are unsure what you want or you feel stuck this can be a difficult, long process. When you work with an Intuitive Life Coach like me I am able to see the depth of your fears, desires and old negative patterns that have kept you stuck and unsure and I’m able to clear them!

I will also be able to listen to what path you should take and what is best for you to focus on. I don’t give whimsical, woo woo advice on your next move, I keep the energy grounded and clear so you have a specific structure to follow in order to complete your goals. My goal is to empower you and help you feel connected to your own intuition so you feel secure in your path once we finish our coaching together.

A regular Life Coach isn’t able to help you heal the issues and blocks to your intuition and your fullest potential. As a Spiritual Healer and Coach, I’m able to bring forward your fullest potential and create an environment of support and safety so you feel empowered about who you really are and where you’re headed in life.

I have been feeling amazing, energised and whole, since the healing on Monday evening!! The jump from the previous week of borderline ‘dark night of the soul’ has been incredible!

My fatigue has lifted, my higher consciousness is anchored in. And if the triggers come up, they quickly dissipate. ‘Notice if shit comes up’ was part of the homework. The difference is, I can now do this with the empowerment of my higher consciousness anchored in, which feels so different to noticing with effort, or with 100% ego. And I find myself with a big grin on my face every time.

The profound waves in the healing session, of letting go of others’ negative energy and my own, that I’d been holding on to for so long, felt SO POWERFUL and REAL. And as you said, created the space needed for my higher consciousness to come forward.

It’s as if my ego knows, and reluctantly accepts, that it no longer has the reins; that it’s in a state of dissolution. It keeps chattering on, but it feels unimportant. Interestingly, this morning, I listened again to the final podcast episode in the Dissolution of the Ego series, and it was like it had a whole new resonance for me.

The amazing thing about this healing is that, not only did it feel incredible POWERFUL (which I rarely feel), but it was instantaneous. There will always be triggers and niggles, but right now, I feel like a new person who is able to respond differently – with more equanimity; from a more loving, grounded space.

I even felt more empowered, connected and calm in my AR swap yesterday. And I’m excited to try this new healing out on others!

Thank you so much.

Love Sarah


What do You Stand to Lose? 

If you are in the same place you were even a year ago you and you are ready for real spiritual expansion then it’s time to take your power back and experience massive shifts in your life through my Spiritual Expansion Healing and Coaching. I see clients say they want to change and have a better life but they years later they are still telling me the same stories of pain and sadness. This happens because they really don’t know how to make these changes on their own. Some may work with other healers and coaches but find that they still have some healing to do to get to the next level of their potential.

I’ve been a Healer and Intuitive since 1997. 

My whole life I wanted to help people and as an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach, my deepest desire is to help people experience deep transformation. This coaching was created by my guidance and years of study and certifications. Since my serious interest in metaphysics began in the mid-1990’s I was always looking for faster and better ways to heal and raise my vibration and to help others in doing the same thing. My guides always helped me discover the best and fastest way to deep transformation which is how the Akashic Records Healing and Coaching came about. I started to do Intuitive Coaching but I realized so many people were stuck because of their past patterns and I was shown how to help them.

Akashic Records Healing and Coaching is for anyone interested in getting past their fears and start to live their life with purpose!

Taking the first step is never easy. 

I know how hard it is to admit that you are feeling stuck and unsure. It’s a big step to ask for help! I remember going to my first coach and admitting how I felt, it was scary but worth it! When you contact me for your Free Clarity Call you will discover how easy it is to talk to me and connect with me. My goal is to help you clarify what you want and where you want to go while assisting you in clearing old patterns blocking you from joy.

My Current Clients. 

I have helped clients with many different areas of life and business. I can do this because I’ve been able to see what they really need to feel empowered and safe to make the hard decisions and movements in their life. I’ve helped clients while they were going through a divorce, quitting their job, starting a new career, starting a spiritual business, want to take their spiritual business to the next level and other practical situations. I’ve also helped clients who just feel stuck, who don’t know what’s next or where they should go, they want to connect with higher states of consciousness, they want to raise their vibration, they want to heal their old patterns, they want to be happier & healthier to name a few.

In all honesty, my clients seem to just “find” me. They were referred, they just happened to read a post on social media, they came across one of my YouTube videos or read my book. They all seem like practical ways but for me, I truly know and believe that spirit leads them to me because they are ready to create a deep transformation in their life, they are finished being their old selves and they’re ready to become a higher vibration.

Here are a few things my clients have said about my Spiritual Expansion Healing & Coaching Program:

Through Melissa’s coaching, I was able to navigate a difficult transformational time in my life and come out on the other side genuinely LOVING myself for the first time. I credit Melissa for my first accessing inner peace, inner joy and self-love-she is truly a gift, and I’m so grateful for all of her service.  Jennifer Diehl

Melissa is a wonderful teacher, healer, and coach. She empowers others to help themselves move forward. I have had Melissa work with both my daughter and myself and have seen amazing results. I also know many friends who have loved her services as well. Angela Binger

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