Episode 018: Distortion and Difficulties on Your Spiritual Journey

I'm so excited to share this episode that will support you on your spiritual journey. In this episode I talk about spiritual awakening and I share the best advice I've given my clients and students over the years. You will also understand how deal with the difficulties that come up and specific tools to support you while you're on your spiritual journey. Divine Love Meditation to Raise Your Vibration https://melissafeick.kartra.com/page/DivineLovePg Questions to help you explore your inner self. 1.       What am I really afraid of? 2.       Why am I resisting? 3.       When my [...]

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Episode 004: What every empath needs to know about healthy boundaries

Episode 004: What every empath needs to know about healthy boundaries Discover the empowerment of setting clear but malleable boundaries within your energy field. As you go inside yourself to connect with who you really are, you feel your inner strength and learn what your boundaries are, and you learn respect for the boundaries of others. Have more control of your life with the knowledge of your inner truth, thus giving you more availability to your power. Boundaries are energetic. https://melissafeick.kartra.com/page/DivineLovePg https://melissafeick.com/multidimensional-healing/ This is an automated transcript. Please read with the [...]

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