Akashic Records Intuitive Reading

Akashic Record Readings are the most powerful information you can access to shift your vibration and your consciousness to become the truth of all that you are! These records are there to access so you can discover when you are ready, the divine information about your lessons, and life purpose. 

Cosmic Akashic Records Clearing

The galactic Akashic Records contain information about your cosmic Akashic and Soul Records. During your session, we will help you clear the energies that are misaligning you with your soul blueprint. This is an energy transformation activation and will help you heal your past so you can accelerate your soul's journey and ascension.

Transformational Mentorship

This mentorship is real, deep support to accelerate your Ascension process and the next level of your mastery. You will transcend your past and align with your highest potential which will help you feel empowered. Melissa will support you energetically, mentally and emotionally so you can let go of the old stuck energies keeping you stagnant.

Psychic Intuitive Training

Effective techniques for enhancing your Psychic Intuition. Learn to trust your intuitive abilities, clairvoyance, mediumship and your connection with the Divine, guides, angels, star beings and Ascended Masters. Discover practical & effective methods to advance your Psychic Intuition quickly!

Multidimensional Light Code Activation

Experience transformational sacred geometric grid meditations that will activate the dormant light codes within your energetic and physical bodies. ​​​​​Connect with the Miraculous wisdom of the Ascension Matrix and the Ascension Councils.

Advanced Chakra Healing
For Your Ascension

Your energy and vibration matter. Many spiritual people think they have worked on their chakras but many have bypassed the most important ones.
Are you ready to heal and activate your energy and chakras for your Ascension?

Spiritual Expansion & Ascension™ Podcast

A podcast where high vibration, metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and mystical experiences come together to expand your consciousness. Melissa will bring a fun, fresh perspective to consciousness, metaphysics, spirituality, and mystical topics. Melissa and her high vibe guests will blow your mind and push your boundaries by exploring timelines and parallel realities, the matrix, how to use Quantum Physics to create, aliens and the Akashic Records.
As a Vibrational Ascension Leader, Melissa merges modern spirituality with ancient wisdom by bringing through channeled information to support you on your spiritual journey. This podcast is designed by Spirit to be inspirational, fun, insightful, educational, and transformational. You are on your personal spiritual journey and here you will find deep wisdom and powerful spiritual tools to transcend the lower frequencies and become a higher vibration.

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Dec 2020

As a spiritual seeker you are looking for ways to raise your vibration and connect with your spiritual helpers. Spiritual Expansion Academy™ is dedicated to supporting you on your spiritual path. We do this through spiritual classes like Intuitive Development, Akashic Records and Ascension classes. All of these classes can be done in person or online.

Melissa is an advanced intuitive and she is available for Intuitive Readings and Akashic Records Readings. She is also an experienced Ascension Teacher who combines deep healing and metaphysical Ascension with practical coaching to support you in raising your consciousness, releasing patterns which are blocking you and living your life purpose.

This is an advanced academy for anyone excited to live their life in service through love not sacrifice. We have come to this earth plane to serve ourselves and the new humans to advance our species and become light beings. If you are dedicated to your Ascension and Enlightenment there are many services to help you create the life you desire.

Experience the Ascension Light Code Activation and a video explaining Ascension and why activating and aligning your energy is so important.  This meditation is a high vibrational energy that will raise your vibration, activate and align all your Chakras. This important synchronization is a powerful, energizing meditation.

The Spiritual Expansion Academy™ is a gift from the Ascension Councils  They are guiding you on this journey toward Enlightenment and raising your vibration.

My purpose, like many of you, is to transmit the wisdom teachings spirit shares with me.  Many of the classes you find here are either channeled information or ancient knowledge.

Raise Your Vibration Immediately!

My clients and I have FLFE activated in our own homes, businesses and on our mobile devices. The energy will accelerate your consciousness and clear and protect your home/business. I suggest everyone get this expansive energy! The technology is based at the FLFE office and is turned on remotely to your location. Click the icon to the right to find out more!

I know that there is no information that is sacred to one person and all wisdom should be shared with Grace and Love.  If you are seeking Spiritual Expansion™, please read my Blog, watch my YouTube channel, join my Facebook Group, The Spiritual Expansion Academy™ and follow my social media links above.

I am grateful to be of service to the divine wisdom of Love and Expansion.

Much Love!