Spiritual Lessons and Practical Guidance

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Spiritual lessons aren't helpful unless you use the wisdom gained from them. In this short video I help you understand the lessons I learned from my wise 90 year old mother and I share some practical advice to help you understand and transcend your own lessons.

Spiritual Bypassing Examples

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I wanted to share with you some examples of Spiritual Bypassing and so you recognize when you disconnect from your feelings or when others are Spiritual Bypassing. Spirituality is not designed for you avoid your pain, unresolved wounds, or any lower feelings. It's designed to help you recognize the potential to be a higher vibration and to heal any lower vibrations. Don't resist your lower vibrations or feelings by denying them! That [...]

Awakening Into Surrender

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Have I ever told you that I’m obsessed with Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment? Well, I am! I’ve been consumed by the book for many years. It has nothing to do with the author or the story. It has to do with the concept of Surrender. In the mid 1990’s I took classes with my first teachers, Mike and Pat. I wasn’t their favorite. Nope, not even in the least bit. I was way [...]

The Lies of Ascension

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The process of ascension or enlightenment is about expanding your consciousness and personal development. You’re here to master the three lower planes of existence, the Physical, mental and emotional planes. Since you’ve been incarnating on the earth you’ve been working toward the process of raising your awareness of what and how you create on the lower planes. You are co-creating every second of your life, there’s never a moment [...]

Spiritual Awakening and Mood Swings

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Here you are on your spiritual path thinking everything is going smoothly... and Wham!  You're knocked out of balance by something or someone in your life.  You may experience times when you don't feel so spiritual or you are bogged down with a lot of emotions. In this video I will help you understand the vibration of emotions and some tools to help you get out of a funk.

What is Ascension 2020 without Swans and Comets?

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As you navigate the odd energy of 2020 and experience the light codes activating the earth are you noticing the signs of transformation? The galactic alignments and higher frequency light codes are activating and shifting the planet and all those who reside upon it. We are witnessing the Ascension the mystics have been talking about for years, the shift is here. And what would the Ascension be without the Universe showing us these codes in [...]

Powerlessness and Ascension Process

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This short video is about the new Ascension Process that is being activated at this time.  As you may know, this year (2020) we will be experiencing an acceleration of the Ascension evolution. It is time for us to share the wisdom with others and to become the energy of Light/Love. In this short video, I share the wisdom and understanding of the current wave of energy transmission.

Law of Vibration & How to Raise Your Frequency

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The Universe speaks to you through a vibrational frequency. This energy vibrates and creates all things we are aware of and unaware of. All things in our environment vibrate including solid objects, electricity, sound, radio waves, etc. The Law of Vibration states that the vibrational frequency in which you vibrate will attract the same vibration back to you.  What are you attracting with your thought and feeling vibrations? All matter [...]

Learn how to trust your intuition

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Trust in yourself and your higher guidance is the fastest way to develop and sharpen your intuition.  When you have trust you are able to let go of the fear that holds you back from listening to your intuition. If you are worried that you will get the answer wrong it will keep you in a state of non-movement and non-trust.  Learning to trust your inner voice or feeling will help you start to trust [...]

Third Eye Activation -Meditation

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I'm going to share with you how to see through the illusion through your third eye to the truth. I've been teaching intuitive development for over 15 years, and I noticed there's a lot of misinformation out there, so I want to share with you all the things about the third eye that are so important for you to understand and it's going to blow your mind! At the end of this blog, [...]

When Negativity Becomes Love

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For many years my focus has been to be of service. How I have expressed it has changed but underlying it all I know it’s where I am to focus my energy. Over the last few months I realized that it’s not really about service, it’s about holding the space for love. My friend really drove that home for me a few weeks ago and I am seeing it in a whole new light. Between [...]