Episode 022: Ego Dissolution Deep Transformation of the Ego

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What is the purpose of the ego? I am so excited to give you important insight into the ego so you can understand and empower yourself. I bet there are a few things I share that you didn't know about. Fear is the egos playground. This is an automated transcript. Please read with the understanding there may be some mistakes. Transcription(00:02):Hi, my beautiful friends! I am so excited because today we're going to [...]

Episode 021: Akashic Records: In Search of Reality

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In this episode Dylan from In Search of Reality podcast and I go deep into the Matrix, spiritual expansion, how to raise your vibration and the subconscious reality. We talk about how meditation can help you change your brain and what happens when we start training our brain during meditation. I go into detail about the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field and what it means to transcend old patterns especially abuse.  I also [...]

Episode 20: Ego Dissolution, Deep Transformation and Shadow Work

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This is the second part of the Dark Night of the Soul: Ego Dissolution Series. In this episode I will be sharing some of my favorite information about the shadow side of all of us and how it relates to the ego self. I will explain the light and shadow side of archetypes and what you need to know to help you transcend the shadow or ego. If you are serious about your ascension [...]

Episode 019: Ego Dissolution: Dark Night of the Soul

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This will be part one of a series on the dissolution of the ego. In this episode I will share the important topic of the "Dark Night of the Soul''.  I believe all spiritual seekers go through this experience and sometimes it's the dark night of the soul that is the catalyst for their spiritual awakening. Listen all the way through so you can understand more about what is the it's like when you [...]

Episode 018: Distortion and Difficulties on Your Spiritual Journey

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I'm so excited to share this episode that will support you on your spiritual journey. In this episode I talk about spiritual awakening and I share the best advice I've given my clients and students over the years. You will also understand how deal with the difficulties that come up and specific tools to support you while you're on your spiritual journey. Divine Love Meditation to Raise Your Vibration Questions to help you [...]

Episode 017: Timelines, Parallel Lives & Time Jumping

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In this episode I will share some insight and experiences I've had around time jumping and how it relates to parallel lives. What is a parallel life and why does it matter? I know I had so many questions about this topic and I have meditated and asked for clarification which is the wisdom I am sharing with you. I will explain how you can merge or jump to a parallel life and what [...]

Episode 016: Tools to Transcend Your Addictions Using Ascension Work

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You are on a path major change and in this episode Matthew, a recovery coach, interviewed me about the ascension. We talk about the addictive personality and I give some great advice about paying attention to the things you consume in your life. This is packed with some great information and tools for anyone on the spiritual path. This is an automated transcript. Please read with the understanding there may be some mistakes.  [...]

Episode 015: What is Channeling and New Reviews

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I don't decide what I am going to share with you in each podcast I allow spirit to tell me what to share. Sometimes it's not what I would normally talk about but I share it any way. When you channel you want to do your best not to get caught up in what spirit is saying.  When you channel it comes through as telepathic communication. You will also see how I channel information [...]

Episode 014: What You Don’t Know About the Spirit World: Masters, Angels and Extra Dimensional Beings

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There are so many different ideas of who and what are in the spirit world. As an advanced intuitive and an interdimensional traveler I will share with you my experiences and perception of the spirit world including Angels, Deceased Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Ghosts and Extra Dimensional Beings. I have literally gone the gamut of from being into angels and fairies and talking to these multi-dimensional collective consciousness beings. I've actually talked to so [...]

Episode 013: Why You Need to Have a Purpose and How to Discover Yours

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People assume a purpose means that they are doing something really important in their life, whether it is a purpose of a job or spiritual community, or doing readings or healings. they assume a purpose means that they are  contributing to the spiritual awakening or their own desire to do spiritual things or to help others. I share lots of information on what you can do to feel more on purpose and how to [...]

Episode 012: Clarity About Protests, Our Leadership and Consciousness Into Oneness

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There is a different perspective to see the world and it's from a place of oneness instead of duality. But why are we fixated on the polarity of good vs bad and right vs wrong? It's because you were conditioned at an early age to perceive the world that way and the ego plays an important role in that. I will also explain why the riots, protests and crazy energy is happening which is [...]

Episode 011: Your True Nature, Intuition & My Story About Lemuria/Atlantis

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In this episode, I will share two stories that will help you understand more about intuition and your ego's voice. In the first story, I joke that I am now a first responder and why I followed my intuition in that moment and what it felt like. I share some great insight into your higher consciousness and why your ego talks you out of connecting with your intuition. In order to open to your [...]