Melissa Feick is a mother to two wonderful children and a happy pet owner who lives her life consistently connected to spirit. She has been called an “exceptional intuitive” and “has a perception beyond any other intuitives I know”. Her Spiritual Expansion Healing and Coaching is deep and transformational and many seek her out so they can move beyond their barriers of pain and suffering and live an inspired life of love in action. She does Akashic Records and Intuitive readings and has been teaching diverse workshops online and in person since 1998.

I use my intuition and experience to assist clients in healing and empowering their life. I have a degree in psychology and have studied many Energy Psychology techniques. My natural intuitive talents are nurtured by all of my training, which allows wonderful growth and healing to happen every day.

I have been sharing my broad range of knowledge and wisdom with others for over 15 years through teaching, coaching and mentoring. The many years of empowering others to recognize their divinity within have fueled my life passion. I am a well-recognized intuitive healer and teacher in the Maryland and DC area, as well as internationally.

I use my many certifications and trainings while working with you. I have facilitated many workshops, healings, coaching and intuitive readings in many different centers in the US and over the internet. Every component of guidance and wisdom that I have received through many different types of holistic healing trainings has allowed me to be versed in where true healing comes from.

My passion for Ascension and Enlightenment led me to create wonderful workshops that will assist anyone interested in expanding their intuitive gifts and reaching a higher consciousness. My desire is to help others who are seeking Truth and Enlightenment.

Certifications and Trainings

  • BS Psychology
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner® Certified Through Doreen Virtue
  • The Reconnection®
  • Theta Healing™ Practitioner, Instructor
  • Theta Healing™ Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner, Instructor
  • Reference Point Therapy™ Practitioner, Instructor
  • Rapid Personal Transformation™ Practitioner, Instructor
  • Chakra Healing and Balancing Certified Intuitive Counselor
  • Reiki Master
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Energy Healing Mystery School Graduate
“I believe that we are here to support and inspire each other to create a better world. It is never about us, it is always about the bigger picture. I believe we all have the wisdom and knowledge to create the life we want and it is my desire to support others in the highest and best way.”
— Melissa Feick