Melissa Feick is a bestselling author, channel and founder of the Spiritual Expansion Academy™.

She supports the journey of the Spiritual-Adventurer™ to embody your spiritual connection, manifesting power & Divine Purpose.  She guides you in raising your vibration and aligning with your authentic path. Melissa uses metaphysical topics, ancient practices, and the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field to help you heal and transcend your past lower frequencies. This is how you anchor in more of their higher consciousness so you can live your life purpose and mission.

Melissa is the bestselling author of “A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life, Raise Your Vibration” and creator of Activating Ascension classes, Intuitive Development Certifications and Akashic Records Certifications taught through her Spiritual Expansion Academy.

As an advanced Intuitive, Melissa can tap into your multidimensional self to help you navigate and gain clarity in your life. She reads your Akashic Records on the Quantum Field and uses her gifts of intuition and channeling during your session. Melissa has been doing readings since the late 1990’s and has been teaching Intuitive Development for over 18 years.

Melissa’s mission is to support you on your spiritual path and to help you feel more empowered, sovereign and in love with life.

Melissa is from Maryland, but she was called to live in Sedona, AZ a few years ago where she currently resides.

Melissa’s passion is Ascension and expanding the consciousness of the planet by supporting the spiritual community. She is an open channel to the Ascension frequencies and sacred Light Codes and loves to share that wisdom with you.

All of Melissa's current classes are online including an Akashic Records certification and an Ascension Light Code Activation class.

She has been studying Metaphysics for most of her life and she’s has been teaching Metaphysical classes for over 20 years and has been an intuitive reader for over 22 years.

Melissa is passionate about helping others to raise their vibration, feel more on purpose, and become the power of Joy. She shares powerful activations and wisdom in her classes online.

Melissa is available to travel and teach at your location. She is also available for a limited amount of one-on-one coaching.

Certifications and Trainings

  • BS Psychology
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner® Certified Through Doreen Virtue
  • The Reconnection®
  • Theta Healing™ Practitioner, Instructor
  • Theta Healing™ Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner, Instructor
  • Reference Point Therapy™ Practitioner, Instructor
  • Rapid Personal Transformation™ Practitioner, Instructor
  • Chakra Healing and Balancing
  • Certified Intuitive Counselor
  • Reiki Master
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Energy Healing Mystery School Graduate
“I believe that we are here to support and inspire each other to create a better world. It is never about us, it is always about the bigger picture. I believe we all have the wisdom and knowledge to create the life we want and it is my desire to support others in the highest and best way.”
— Melissa Feick