Megan Coetzee
Megan CoetzeeCertified Akashic Records Coach
Hello Beautiful Soul, my name is Megan.

Questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose here on Earth?” have intrigued me for as long as I can remember. Seeking answers has lead me on an ever-unfolding journey of self-discovery and learning to remember and reclaim my multi-dimensional galactic self.

I have studied and practiced spiritual sciences, healing arts, and attended many creative and therapeutic courses. I have also had the immense privilege of travelling to a few sacred sites around the world and tuning into and healing with the ancient, sacred wisdom and energies that Mother Gaia holds at these power spots. I never want to stop doing this.

As a perpetual student, and striving spiritual teacher, server of humanity and vision holder for the Starseed mission on Earth, my service and offering involves the pulling together of all the strands that I have collected and moved through and blends and draws on these learnings, experiences and modalities when working with my clients.

I call this process Soul Mapping. Nothing makes me happier than when there is a reconnecting, remembering and understanding of who you are, why you have chosen to be here at this time and what you have come to work with, heal and transform so that you may reach your highest potential and live a magnificent life.

Being a witness to your unique soul map, essence and journey, learning to anchor Facets of your higher self into your physical body here at this time and unwinding the karmic patterns, programming and fear-based beliefs that keep you from experiencing this magnificence is all part of the process.

This sacred work we do with ourselves not only benefits us but ripples out into the world, assisting humanity as a whole and our beautiful Mother Earth in her ascension and evolution.

If you feel drawn to my offering and feel ready to say a big YES! to you, come journey with me. I would love to connect with you!

Location: Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

Additional Certifications: Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Reiki, Masters, Hero Book Facilitator, Pythagorean Numerology, Akashic Record Reading and healing in the Quantum and Lenormand Card Reading.

Sessions: Zoom + Live Sessions in Somerset West, South Africa

Brooksi Bottari
Brooksi BottariCertified Akashic Records Coach
Hi! My name is Brooksi Bottari and I found my way to working in and through the Akashic Records after receiving the coaching myself. As a “classically trained” therapist, I have spent decades talking about and processing my past and the past of my clients and trying to mentally make sense of the story. But with just 12 weeks of coaching and experiencing the life changing impact it made on my life, I knew I needed to pass this same gift along to my own clients.

I believe in this work and specialize in the patterns of spiritual and sexual trauma and abuse, specifically religious trauma. I believe that trauma and pain are guaranteed in this earth experience, but the suffering that comes along with it can be cleared and healed.

I hold a Master's degree in counseling psychology from Seton Hall University, am certified as an Expert Trauma Specialist and Advanced Military Sexual Trauma specialist, am certified in Usui Reiki, have been certified as an Akashic Records healer and coach, and am a Rapid Resolution Therapist.

I hope we can work together to Heal your Past and Reclaim you Life!

Location: Baltimore, MD USA- EST

Sessions: All readings are conducted in English using Zoom, Skype or phone.

Sophie Frabotta
Sophie FrabottaCertified Akashic Records Coach
Sophie Frabotta is a Spiritual Healer and Mentor who has an internationally recognized Spiritual Life Coach Certification program which teaches aspiring life coaches how to deepen their spiritual awakening and do the necessary spiritual healing work to authentically step into the role of being a Spiritual Life Coach.

For more than 15 years, Sophie has offered a variety of healing resources including private sessions, group healing programs, guided meditations, audio healing sessions, workshops, retreats, and free downloads on how to step into this spiritual healing work on And is now doing private work with clients in the Akashic Records. She also has a crystal jewelry company, Awaken Crystal Gallery, which provides a modern spin on handmade crystal jewelry, offering crystals to assist with healing and expansion.

With a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology, and over 10K hours of 1-1 spiritual healing experience, Sophie's clients affectionately call her The SOUL Whisperer because she can hear the words whispered within your soul and teaches you how to listen and understand these words. Sophie will naturally shine a light into your soul by offering the space of deep healing and help YOU to define who you are by activating the most powerful healer within, YOU!

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Additional Certifications: Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, NASM-CPT, Akashic Healer

Sessions: Zoom + Live Retreats in West Palm Beach, FL

Frank DSilva
Frank DSilvaCertified Akashic Records Coach
Have completed Melissa Feick’s Akashic Reading and Healing Certification Level 1 and 2, also trained by Dr Brian Weiss in Omega, New York in Past Life Regression. Have been working with people all over the world helping them resolve their emotional issues like anxiety, anger, relationship, etc.


Location: Perth, Western Australia

Additional Certifications: Akashic Records Certification L1 and L2 (Melissa Feick), Past Life Regression (Dr Brian Weiss certified), Hypnotherapy and Mental Aid First Aid.

Sessions are done over zoom, skype or whatsapp or even phone call.

I was working on myself and not getting any results and Frank within two sessions helped me flush out the negative emotions that were bottled up within me. The pain and anxiety I have been experiencing has been mostly resolved. Frank, Thanks a lot.

Mohua, Singapore

Frank led me through a wonderful healing session and I was able to overcome, resolve and heal issues that were deep and hidden within me.

Sam, India
Ilona Nichterlein
Ilona NichterleinCertified Akashic Records Coach
Fascinated by everything spiritual! Love working with people on their Akashic Records. Private practitioner – most of my work involving hypnotherapy rather than talk therapy.

Sessions: At present, I work a lot on zoom so my clients are located all over the world!

Additional Certifications: M.A.Counselling; Master NLP; Clinical Diploma of Hypnotherapy; Cert.The Emotion Code; Grad.Certificate in Clinical Supervision; B.Ed; Life Alignment Level 2; Dipo.Gestalt Therapy; Psych K;

Location: Garran, ACT, Australia

Ilona really helped me to get to the heart of the problem and make big, positive changes. She is an extremely skilled, wise, and compassionate therapist. I recommend her highly if you want to change your life.

Annie Sorell
Barbara Arnold
Barbara ArnoldCertified Akashic Records Coach
Rev. Barbara is an ordained Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counseling, a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Akashic Record reader, Clairvoyant reader and Zumba ® instructor.

A lifelong Educator, Rev. Barbara enjoys facilitating Spiritual Growth, and Mindful Learning Experiences, sharing Reiki, and giving personal spiritual readings. Designing custom wedding ceremonies is a special joy and privilege for her. Dedicated to restoring spiritual balance to our world, Rev. Barbara enables women to explore aspects of the Sacred Feminine at her Women’s Spirituality circles and to explore their mind-body connections in Zumba ® classes.

“I find it rewarding to support others on the path to wholeness as we develop our own unique relationships with Divine Spirit.”

Location: New York

Sessions: All readings are conducted in English using Zoom, Skype or phone.

Additional Certifications: American Studies, MA, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Interfaith Minister of Spiritual Counseling, Clairvoyant Reader, Akashic Record Reader, Zumba Instructor,
Educational Administration

Jonianne Jeannette
Jonianne JeannetteCertified Akashic Records Coach
From my earliest memories I thought I was just like any other kid, but I seemed to be unusually sensitive and spoke of things and connections others didn’t, my heart seemed to hurt where others didn’t even sense and I spoke to things others didn’t say. Through these experiences, I was led to deepen the understanding of who am I and why is love so important to me? By 18, I was cruising crystal shops and learning about spirit animals, energy centers, and ascended masters and things were starting to fall into place.

I am a 1997 Healing Arts Institute graduate and a 2018 New Life Systems Apprentice (though I have been learning and applying Cyndi Dale’s teaching since 2006), Advance Apprentice 2019/2020 New Life Systems, certificate holder from Spiritual Expansion Academy™ in quantum healing and coaching, and am in development as an Irigenics ancestral eye reader. I specialize in both in person bodywork techniques and subtle body techniques, in person and virtual.

My interests in intuitive, therapeutic applications directed my pursuit in training along the following modalities: Chakras, aromatherapy, Orthobionomy, clinical massage, deep tissue, acupressure, Reiki, Energy medicine, akashic records-readings and guidance, mediumship, quantum healing, group healing, ancestral healing, shamanic teachings for us and our ancestors.

My intentions as a guide are to support a shift within the client to their own inner wellbeing so that they too illuminate their amazing spiritual gifts. By using clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, sometimes even clairalience and clairgustance- I am a light converter-meaning I sense the possibilities and probabilities from the potential from witnessing the silver lining in patterns and themes people experience, and through our expansive hearts, I enjoy helping people relate to different outcomes for them to choose for their highest good.

Location: Cordova, California

Sessions: In person if local at 10901B Folsom Blvd Rancho Cordova CA 95670( greater Sacramento Valley) and virtual thru Zoom

Additional Certifications: Irigenics- Ancestral Eye Reading, Quantum Healing and Akashic Records Cert 1 & 2, Spiritual Ascension Academy (Melissa Feick), Advance Apprenticeship New Life Systems (Cyndi Dale)

On Jonnie’s homepage she describes herself as a ‘big ball of light.’ This is a great description of her and what it feels like to work with her! She’s bright and powerful (you feel safe and in capable hands) yet she’s completely nonjudgemental.

I’ve long looked for the right energy worker to partner with to help me release persistent energetic patterns. I’d had this nagging feeling for sometime that I’m not myself and I missed her. Jonnie understood, affirmed my hunch and then we got to work. And she does! Each session we’ve had has been a bit different—it was what I needed at that time and in a way that was effective for me. I was changed during sessions with Jonnie as I participated and processed our work and these changes have been sustained after our sessions. I recently had an Akashic records session with Jonnie. It was so powerful…yet I would call it equally ‘sacred’ like the ball of light that I am was being revealed and brightened right before our very eyes. Energy work at this level is nothing short of magical and it’s a gift to have the opportunity to experience it. Thank you Jonnie!


I was initially drawn to seek treatment from Jonni based on her extensive clinical training experience but was very much intrigued by her spiritual gifts. I have sensed for some time there was something holding me back in life, but I just could not figure out what it was- and I needed help.

Since Jonni and I live in different states, we arranged a distance healing session, and let me tell you, I was blown away by the intuitive guidance I received! Jonni’s ability to tap into the unknown and the unseen and communicate with Spirit enabled her to quickly access the root of my “block”, and recommend action steps for me to resolve my issue. I am so grateful to Jonni for helping me restore peace and joy, and possibility into my life!

Liz F.
Colleen Urquhart
Colleen UrquhartCertified Akashic Records Coach
After becoming an Usui & Dragon Reiki Master, I became fascinated with the Akashic Records. I trained how to work with the Akashic Records and used them frequently for my own healing journey, before becoming a Certified Akashic Records Coach.

I love the transformation that occurs when working with the Akashic Records. The energy it releases, that we carry with us for years (even decades!) provides an incredible transformation but only if you're ready to take responsibility!

I have helped clients release physical and sexual trauma that have impacted their adulthood, clients who are debilitated by stress and anxiety, as well as addiction.

If you want healing and you're ready to take responsibility, I can help you!

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

Sessions: I conduct my sessions over zoom, your location doesn't matter to me!

Additional Certifications: Usui Reiki Master, Dragon Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner