“Working in the Quantum Field was revolutionary to my time spent in meditation and working in the Records.  The class inspired me to make meditation a regular practice in my life as well as to be much more aware of what I am creating in my life because nothing is a coincidence.

Meeting up with the class and getting to know them as well as practicing what we learned in our weekly lessons was illuminating.  

This class made me start looking at things from a new perspective. I really liked going back through HeartMath and really learning how to embody things rather than just to intellectualize them.  Melissa is a very competent and compassionate instructor. She was not there to sell programs, she was there to help us along our spiritual way.  She is the real deal. She walks her talk and lives through all of this like the rest of us. Her knowledge and research is thorough and has been applied personally. She knows her stuff and has her heart in the right place. She has a servant's heart.”

Anne Kjellgren

“My biggest takeaway from the Akashic Records Level 1 Class is the understanding of the power I have to transcend all my traumas and to help others to know it also.  I learned to be more mindful and to get to know myself on a deeper level.  I really liked the information about the different planes of existence and how they interact with each other.  It is amazing to now know that the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field are available to everyone! This class has shifted my energy and my perception of life.”

Alma Maldonado

“My biggest take away from the Akashic Records Level 1 class was learning how to connect to the quantum field with my heart.   The Akashic Records works with the energy of the Quantum Field to clear and change patterns in our lives.  I found that connecting to the Quantum Field can be integrated into other modalities of healing too. Also, staying connected to the quantum field is something I realized can help in every aspect of life.  In this class, I learned to continue to be on purpose and to take responsibility for my growth and development. The lessons, zoom sessions, and interaction with fellow students in doing swaps as part of the class all were very informative and applicable to the material.  I would recommend this class to others because it would help them with their spiritual growth and understanding. Also, they could gain clarity on their purpose for being here at this time.”

Juan Allen

“I just wanted you to know personally how much the work we did has had a profound and lingering effect on my life. It’s almost as if my “intuition” has taken over. I feel complete inner peace. I feel myself moving about the world as a very different “me” but the same me too. I think that’s what you were referring to when you said you could help me live in a higher state of consciousness. I’ve got lots to learn but I want you to know that our work together has propelled me to a very loving place where I feel my higher self, guiding me. I feel myself resonate in that place.
Our work together is not finished. I know it. Blessings to you. And blessings to your family. Much love and happiness.”

Cathy B

“Just before I started working with Melissa, I had been working with another coach for quite some time and had felt like I was coming to a dead end. I signed up for the coaching package with Melissa and it really changed things. As I look back I realize that I accomplished all that I set out to do. My initial questions were concerning my business and the direction it was going, and my family and the place where we were living. As I look back on our sessions, I realize that as soon as they were done, my business took off and I have had my best year ever. The home part took a bit longer and it was made clear only last week, that I am to stay close to the area I am in now to be closer to family. But in both cases the clarity came because I was in a different place. I enjoyed working with Melissa immensely and always looked forward to my sessions each week. My biggest learning from our work together was that I have every gift I need right inside of me. That doesn’t mean that I never need coaching. It just means that I look inside for the answers first, use the tools my coach has given me, and then consult with my coach. I certainly would recommend Melissa’s coaching packages for anyone looking to expand the light within.”

Diana Feldman

Success Story - Sofia Wren

“Before I met Melissa I was having a lot of trouble in my relationships. I couldn’t focus on my business because I was so pissed off about who did or did not do the dishes! My morning would turn into a blame game and I just could not get my ego to shut up enough to focus on what I was really here to do. Sometimes I would physically run away and sit in the closet during the arguments my loving partner and I had, which included a lot of yelling and uncomfortable emotions I could barely handle.

I came to Melissa to learn about how to connect to my intuition, and I soon became more “spot on” in my intuitive counseling business. But she gave me the gift of healing my past wounds from my body mind and spirit and connecting more deeply to my heart.

Today I don’t find myself in those sort of arguments any more, even though I am with the same person. The work I did within myself guided me to deepen my relationships and find the love I wanted to find. I healed so much that those confrontations are no longer so full of blame and bad feeling, and instead I truly see my partner as that, a partner in all things. In the morning I’m able to separate from my inner grump and stay on track with the personal practices that help me be the REAL ME.

Thank you Melissa for changing my life! I will always have this deeper connection to my heart and intuition thanks to your guidance.”


Sofia Wren

Success Story - Jen

“The work I did with Melissa was the next step in my expansion and it was priceless…often I am hit with gratitude for her and the work we did, amazed at how far I’ve come in the last couple of years. I feel like in 2013 I had a huge shift, then got stuck in some muck…or not really stuck, just wasn’t sure how to navigate it…and she showed me the way! The way that I react now, my ability to connect to my soul self, to my inner peace, to my inner joy and my SELF LOVE, the divinity within, it’s changed my life. I’m not saying everything is “perfect”, but it is…all of my feelings are perfect, just as they are, all of my actions, all of my ups and downs, and enmeshment, and insecurities (now and then one might flare up and to be able to acknowledge it.

So maybe that’s another gift…self-acceptance…I am so happy with who I am…I have a healthier dynamic with my daughter (always a work in progress!) and she is doing well in school and seems happier overall. I’m enjoying the relationship I’m in and still learning a lot about myself and my beliefs (and relationship patterns-yikes!)…trying to be self-aware when it comes to the relationship…and have healthy boundaries.

Overall, I’m awesome!”

Jennifer Diehl

“Since our last session, many things have happened, nearly all of them good. I am starting to gain a lot of momentum with my business. I am working 12+ hour days to build that momentum, and am having trouble stopping because it is so exciting. It is really hard for me to change focus. But it has been so long since I’ve had this kind of excitement, I’m not really sure I want to change it.”


“Feel like all the work I’ve done in past 20 years just got doubled. This clarity is like being new, and being new in each moment.”


“I am writing this testimonial for the benefit of anyone considering Enlightened Healing with Melissa Feick. I was not asked to write this, nor have I ever written a testimonial about any other healing modality. Over the years, I have tried EFT, Z-Point, Tapas, Release Technique/Sedona Method, Brain State Conditioning, and many others. And while I experienced small gains at times, I never experienced the gentle, yet dramatic results I have seen with Enlightened Healing. It has been several months since I had 3 sessions with Melissa (for 3 different issues) and cannot believe how effective and permanent the benefits of my sessions have been. Immediately following each session, I felt a sense of peacefulness and euphoria that left me on a cloud most of the day. But where the rubber really met the road for me, was the days and weeks following each of my sessions. The work we did integrated so quickly that I almost forgot about it, until my friends and family began commenting about the differences in me. I kept noticing that I was reacting differently to situations that would have “pushed my buttons” prior to RPT. Rather than reacting in the same old way, I now feel myself witnessing my own behavior as centered, logical, and unattached to the outcome, which has had a profoundly positive impact on the people around me.

The biggest gain I have experienced has been a tremendous shift towards joy and peace. Prior to my sessions with Melissa, I was the classic Type A personality, making non-stop “to do” list and trying to squeeze more out of a day. Now, I find myself noticing many times throughout the day how present I am with my relationships, with my surroundings, and with myself – which has provided me with a totally new way of experiencing life that I never thought was possible. I know for many people reading, this method sounds too good to be true. As an analytical “left brain” thinker myself, I can especially relate to being skeptical. But when I found Melissa on the internet and spoke with her by phone, I immediately felt at ease. And I decided to try a session or two to see if it would work for me. It worked so effectively, that I have referred it to everyone I know. I would encourage anyone reading this to try it as well.

Laura C. – Williamsburg, VA

“It doesn’t matter how you label it, resistance is resistance. I have let go of so much of my emotional resistance using Enlightened Healing with Melissa Feick’s guidance. The beautiful gift of Enlightened Healing is the act of recognizing a feeling can accomplish miracles. The chatter of the story is eliminated. This is especially beneficial with trauma. I have invested thousands of dollars on self help adventures. There has been a knowingness within me that I can have more internal harmony, and I continually grow into that. However, with Enlightened Healing I have sped into the sought after wholeness. And the process is amazingly gentle, fast, and effective. Thank you, Melissa, for such a powerful journey.”

FR – Warrenton, VA

“Melissa, I wanted to thank you for checking on me after our session. I know that in working with clients there are boundaries, but you have such compassion for those you work with. It is inspiring. You truly care about the people you work with and wish them success in their healing and that is amazing! Thank you for who you are and the work you do, it makes a difference in so many lives! I look forward to seeing you next week for class! It has been great to reconnect with A Course in Miracles, I am realizing how many miracles are in my life everyday!”


“Hi Melissa, I just wanted to check in with you. Things have been going really well. I’ve noticed big changes in my personality during the stressful times at school this week and other areas of my life. I’ve especially noticed a big difference in the anger piece and my defensiveness. I know I’ve got more work to do on certain areas but can see the hugh impact the RPT has been already. This stuff is really amazing. Thanks!”