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A podcast about Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™ where high vibration, metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and mystical experiences come together to expand your consciousness. This is a safe place where you can dive deep into the Great Awakening and the next paradigm shift. Melissa Feick will bring a fun, fresh perspective to consciousness, metaphysics, spirituality, and mystical topics. Melissa and her high vibe guests will blow your mind and push your boundaries by exploring timelines and parallel realities, the matrix, how to use Quantum Physics to create, aliens and the Akashic Records. As a Vibrational Ascension Leader, Melissa merges modern spirituality with ancient wisdom by bringing through channeled information to support you on your spiritual journey. This podcast is designed by Spirit to be inspirational, fun, insightful, educational, and transformational. You are on your personal spiritual journey and here you will find deep wisdom and powerful spiritual tools to transcend the lower frequencies and become a higher vibration. Hit subscribe and change your life.

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Episode 51: Transformational Tools for Karmic Relationships- Part 2

Episode 50: Transformational Tools for Karmic Relationships

Episode 49: Your Year to Create

Episode 48: Living Limitlessly and Serving Wisely

Episode 47: Wounded Healer: the Darker Side

Episode 46: What to do When You Create S**t in Your Karmic Relationship

Episode 45: Mastering Spiritual Evolution and Peyote Ceremony

Episode 44: How You Manifest Miracles

Episode 43: Surrender & Flow Opportunities

Episode 42: What You Need To Know About Death

Episode 41: Talking To Dead People

Episode 40: Why Do You Shame Me?

Episode 039: What It Means To Be Empowered Through Surrender and Trust

Episode 038: Light vs Dark Exclusive Spiritual Guide Part 2

Episode 037: Light vs Dark Exclusive Spiritual Guide

Episode 036: Embrace Your Unique Spiritual Abilities

Episode 035: Sedona Shamanic Priestess Deva Light Language

Episode 034: How Collective Fear Creates Our Reality: Lightworkers Energy Can Help

Episode 033: Sedona 5D Vibrations & Galactic Ascension Councils

Episode 032: Surprising Ways You Sabotage Your Intuition – Part 2

Episode 031: Surprising Ways You Sabotage Your Intuition – Part 1

Episode 030: Ultimate Sovereign Power & Boundaries by Being Fearless

Episode 029: Surprising Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

Episode 028: Paraplegic to Multidimensional Mentor

Episode 027: You Lie and Deceive Yourself

Episode 026: Spiritual Evolution – Empower yourself through the anxiety

Episode 025: My Story about Ego Dissolution and the Spiritual Ego

Episode 024: Learn to be the Love You Want to See in the World with Diane Haworth

Episode 023:Ego Dissolution Transfiguration into the I AM

Episode 022: Ego Dissolution Deep Transformation of the Ego

Episode 021:Akashic Records: In Search of Reality

Episode 020: Ego Dissolution Deep Transformation and Shadow Work

Episode 019: Ego Dissolution: Dark Night of the Soul

Episode 018: Distortion and Difficulties on Your Spiritual Journey

Episode 017:Timelines, Parallel Lives & Time Jumping

Episode 016: Tools to Transcend Your Addictions Using Ascension Work

Episode 015: What is Channeling and New Reviews

Episode 014: What You Don't Know About the Spirit World: Masters, Angels and Extra Dimensional Beings

Episode 013: Why You Need to Have a Purpose and How to Discover Yours

Episode 012: Clarity About Protests, Our Leadership and Consciousness Into Oneness

Episode 011: Your True Nature, Intuition & My Story About Lemuria/Atlantis

Episode 010: The Real Law of Attraction

Episode 009: The Suffering You Experience From Your Karmic Relationships

Episode 008: Eclipses-2020 and My Covid-19 Experience

Episode 007: Connect, Communicate and Meditate with the Earth, Fairies and Elementals

Episode 006: WTF is an energy vampire?

Episode 005: How to be more joyful by connecting to your Spiritual Power

Episode 004: What every empath needs to know about healthy boundaries

Episode 003: How to be a Vibrationally Conscious Leader

Episode 002: Do You transform or walk away from certain relationships during your spiritual awakening

Episode 001: Introduction