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Flow, Harmony, & Energy Alignment

Have you ever heard of energy alignment? It's the process of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with what you want to create in your life. When you're in alignment, it's easier to manifest the things you want in your life because you're in a state of flow and harmony. Your word for the year is the energy you want to embody.   The Energy Alignment for the year is the frequency you want to use to create your experience and external world. If you want to align your energy to manifest a great life [...]

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How to Embody the Vibration of a Word for Manifestation

Do words hold a vibration? To me, it really depends on the word and how and why it’s being used. Like the word love, it can mean heartbreak or a new car that you love. They are totally different energies! Everything has a vibration, but especially the energy you add to what you are doing and saying. This goes for anything you are saying. What is the feeling and energy driving the word or phrase? I like to create an intention every year. I make this intention a word. When I choose a word for the year, I take [...]

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