Sedona Ascension Retreat
March 8-10, 2024

Melissa will be doing a workshop and Land Journey. See below for more details.

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Workshop: Akashic Records Healing & Manifestation

  • Learn to easily read the Akashic Records
  • The formula for healing in the Akashic Records
  • Receive specific guidance from the Records to help others
  • Profound information on manifesting in the Quantum Field
  • Discover how to instantly manifest
  • Learn how trauma influences you, your energy and your karma
  • Actionable steps to do physical healing for your clients
  • Receive special attunements and healings to help you and your clients transcend your past, including Karmic Patterns
  • Attune your energy to your sweet spot of manifestation



Melissa Feick is a bestselling author and channel. She uses the Galactic Akashic Records and her multidimensional gifts to help you activate your own energy for your star alignment. She has sold over 40,000 books and over 1800 5-star reviews.

Sedona Land Journey

Melissa Feick Journey: Melissa will Activate Your Crystalline Frequencies during this high-vibe journey! She will be utilizing the frequency of Sedona to activate and align your vibration and your DNA Light Codes. She will channel the Ascension Councils and the Meditative journey. During this is a high energy experience we will create a sacred geometric grid to activate the highest crystalline frequencies and Multidimensional activations to awaken your spiritual gifts of Divine Service.