Spiritual Awakening and Authenticity

Be Authentic and TRUE to Yourself! A while ago I compromised myself. I compromised who I am and my own spiritual truth. In this video I will share with you my story and how it will help you be more authentic and become the Vibrational Leader you were meant to be.

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The Lies of Ascension

The process of ascension or enlightenment is about expanding your consciousness and personal development. You’re here to master the three lower planes of existence, the Physical, mental and emotional planes. Since you’ve been incarnating on the earth you’ve been working toward the process of raising your awareness of what and how you create on the lower planes. You are co-creating every second of your life, there’s never a moment that you are not creating.  As a human, you have been taught to blame others instead of taking full responsibility for your life, both the [...]

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Spiritual Awakening and Mood Swings

Here you are on your spiritual path thinking everything is going smoothly... and Wham!  You're knocked out of balance by something or someone in your life.  You may experience times when you don't feel so spiritual or you are bogged down with a lot of emotions. In this video I will help you understand the vibration of emotions and some tools to help you get out of a funk.

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