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Episode 022: Ego Dissolution Deep Transformation of the Ego

What is the purpose of the ego? I am so excited to give you important insight into the ego so you can understand and empower yourself. I bet there are a few things I share that you didn't know about. Fear is the egos playground. This is an automated transcript. Please read with the understanding there may be some mistakes. Transcription (00:02): Hi, my beautiful friends! I am so excited because today we're going to talk about Ego Dissolution, Deep Transformation of the Ego. Yes, we are going there today. We are in this series around transformation [...]

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Episode 021: Akashic Records: In Search of Reality

In this episode Dylan from In Search of Reality podcast and I go deep into the Matrix, spiritual expansion, how to raise your vibration and the subconscious reality. We talk about how meditation can help you change your brain and what happens when we start training our brain during meditation. I go into detail about the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field and what it means to transcend old patterns especially abuse.  I also talk about how to work on the consciousness of a business. Divine Love Meditation In Search of Reality Podcast  This is an [...]

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