Last week I traveled to Denver, CO, to dog-sit my son's new puppy.

While traveling and being in a different house, I always do a few things to make sure the environment is at the highest vibration. 

But this time I was feeling off, and I cleared the energy out of the house again, but that didn't work either.

As I closed my eyes to go into meditation, I realized that I felt off! 

Duh! I forgot to clear my energy! I was so busy clearing the house and infusing the space with high frequencies that I neglected myself.

I dove deeper into my heart chakra and opened it, so love would start pouring in and out. I then cleared all the thoughts form around my head. And there were a lot!

Immediately, I felt immensely better! 

Don't let the thoughts coming from yourself and others get in your way of feeling empowered and happy!

All you have to do is close your eyes, bring your awareness to your heart, and make the intention to clear the thoughts that have accumulated around your head. Imagine all those thoughts and energy lifting off you and dissipating into the Light of the Divine.

It's so simple!

Do this when your thoughts feel out of control or you feel overwhelmed. It's such an important, quick method of clearing!

Much Love


Infused with Love and Light


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