I don’t know about you, but the lunar eclipse on May 5 was so powerful that I’m still recovering. I’ve spoken to a few clients and they are saying the same thing.

That eclipse/full moon activated some deep shadows. One thing I am noticing is grief. There is a collective and individual grief that is coming to the surface to transcend.

Even though you may not feel the grief, it may show up as anger, pain, suffering, anxiety, fear, or another emotion.

Grief isn’t something everyone allows, and you may be burying it.

What I am seeing in the grids around the earth is a massive amount of fear and grief.

It is all the shadow energy that you and so many others are working through. The collective shadow needs to be transcended for the next phase of grid and Star Code™ Frequency activations.

If you are feeling energetically drained or feel emotional, breathe into the feeling and acknowledge the feeling.

You may also be transmuting some old grief or collective grief. Again, just be present with it.

Infused with Love and Light


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