I feel compelled to share my mission with you. This is very personal to me, and I feel a little vulnerable being so open.

This isn’t my mission statement, it’s more about why I do what I do.

I really believe that this is an important time in human history. This isn’t about human developments or politics, it’s about human consciousness.

You are here during a time when the human consciousness is ready for a major upgrade. One of the ways is the ability for you to upgrade your EQ which is the Emotional Quotient.

EQ is your ability to understand, connect to, and manage your own emotions, including ways to deal with your internal struggles and relationship challenges in a healthy way.

It is also about you transcending your traumas and being very clear about your immediate reactions to situations so you can pause before you react in a negative way.

When you have a high EQ, you are more empathetic and compassionate, and you are more self-aware, which means you are less likely to react to situations that hurt you and others.

This means you are more connected to your Higher Consciousness and your Heart Wisdom.

My mission is to help you transcend the lower energies that keep you stuck in fear, anger, or reactionary ways. This will assist you in becoming more empowered in your life, so you feel more connected to your Higher Consciousness.

When I create YouTube Videos, Podcast episodes, and write blog posts (which are all free, by the way) my intention is to help you become more self-aware and have a higher EQ. My classes are infused with very high vibrational energy that helps you transcend, that stuck, overwhelmed or unsure feelings.

It’s our mission to raise the vibration of the planet and all the beings that reside in and around it. And the fastest and easiest way is to start with yourself!

My mission is to help myself and others open to the highest vibration available. I believe that the more of us feel balanced and connected to our Higher Awareness, the easier the transition from 3D to 5D will be.

Thank you for letting me share this!

Let me know how you are helping with the Ascension. Maybe you are a parent or grandparent to little star beings or you meditate and send love to the earth. Any way that you are helping is important!

Sending you Love & Light!

Infused with Love and Light


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