During your spiritual awakening, it’s imperative to look for ways to deepen your connection with the Divine part of yourself and activate your highest potential.

One powerful way to do this is by tuning into the “Christ Consciousness” – not as a
religious concept, but as a universal spiritual force of Light, Love, and Heart Wisdom.

The Christ Consciousness is pure awareness and unconditional Love embodied by Ascended Masters.

Everyone has the Christ spark within, and it’s connected to your spiritual heart.
The energy of compassion, love, forgiveness, and service to others activates that Christ (or Divine) Spark in your heart.

When you align yourself with this sacred energy, incredible transformation and healing can occur.

As you attune to this higher vibration, you naturally begin operating more from your soul essence rather than the ego. You feel a deeper sense of peace, joy, and oneness with the Divine.

Christ's Consciousness is a powerful tool for spiritual Alchemy, transmuting density into Light.

As you connect to the heart energy of Christ's Consciousness, you are able to anchor more of this sacred energy on the planet.

I want to encourage you to do a simple, yet powerful practice twice a day.

Upon waking, and before you get out of bed:

  •  Close your eyes
  • Place your hand on your heart
  • Feel your heart opening
  • Repeat this statement out loud or to yourself “I am the Divine essence of Christ Consciousness; I serve through Love & Light.” This will help you align with your Christ Consciousness Connection.
  • The statement above is a guideline, please feel free to change it if you desire!

This email is infused with the frequency of Christ's Consciousness.​​​​​​

Much Love

Infused with Love and Light


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