This month, pay attention to where your thoughts, feelings and energy are focused!

The energy you focus on is what you create, especially this month!

This is the frequency of new beginnings. Since the solar eclipse is the same time as the new moon and it conjuncts Chrion, you want to take time to focus on what you desire for yourself and humanity.

It is best to go with a positive tone. Not “Humanity… everything is so messed up, I’m afraid, so make it better.” That is the energy of desperation and fear which no longer fits in the Age of Aquarius.

Below is an exercise for you to do for the next few days.

Fear, control, and anger of the energy of the old paradigm. As we fold into the new Aquarius age, you will want to focus on the heart.

Too much fear is being spread about the eclipse. Even if you haven’t heard this fear-based talk, it is circulating around in the ethers, and you are picking up on it whether you know it or not.

There are a few things to remember:

  • During a time of change, the fear of the unknown can come up. If you get stuck or feel uncertain about anything, go into your heart, and take a few breaths there. The heart is a higher vibration from the unknown and fear.
  • Fear and control are part of the old paradigm, and it contradicts Love. Love is a higher vibration, and the old paradigm of fear and control will keep trying to get your attention to keep you at a lower vibration. Try not to give into it.
  • You are the creator of your experience. This means that you aren’t a victim of the world. You can get caught up in and hold onto your old energy and beliefs, or you can allow them to melt away.
  • I guarantee, love is so much kinder and gentler! I have a feeling you’d like more kindness and gentleness in your life!

For the next week I am going to send you a few tools to help you to navigate into the Higher Vibrational space of Love and the clearest, most pristine Light, so please look out for that.

Much Love!


  • Create two positive open-ended statements, one for yourself and one for humanity as we move into the Ascension.
  • Go to a quiet space. Close your eyes.
  • Place your hand on your heart.
  • Take three deep breaths through your heart to expand it and calm your body.
  • Open your heart to gratitude.
  • State your first statement and feel the energy. (feeling is so important)
  • State your humanity statement and feel the energy.
  • Stay there with an open heart for a few minutes and hold the energy of love and gratitude for as long as you can.
  • Here are the statements I am using in case it’s easier for you to use something that is already created.
    • ​​​​​​​Self: I surrender anything that is not in the flow of the highest vibrational energy of Love & Diamond Light.
    • Humanity: I love you! And I surround you with the highest vibration of Oneness and Divine Love.

Infused with Love and Light


© 2023 Melissa Feick

Spiritual Expansion Academy™