Melissa will be doing a workshop, lecture, and panel. My booth is in the International Ballroom, Booth # 81.
See below for more details.

Workshop: Galactic Star Code Activation

Friday Feb 9, 2024, 4pm
Marina Room

Join the Ascension Councils, Galactic Builders, and your Galactic Family for this Sacred Star Code Activation. During this immersive experience, we will utilize the Zero Point energy of the Galactic Center, sacred geometry, and Light codes to activate your Crystalline Energy Codes beyond your human DNA. Experience the transformative power of Light Language, Light Code Glyphs, Keys, and frequencies for this Starseed activation. Understand the Earth Ascension Matrix of creation to help you algin with your Galactic mission. This deep galactic initiation will awaken your keys to your cosmic destiny and will help you understand your role in the grand cosmic design. This is a Crystalline Activated sacred space for anyone ready to evolve past the human 3D matrix.


Melissa Feick is a bestselling author and channel. She uses the Galactic Akashic Records and her multidimensional gifts to help you activate your own energy for your star alignment. She has sold over 40,000 books and over 1800 5-star reviews.

Lecture: Star Alchemy Mystic

Sunday Feb 11, 2024 2pm
Century D Room

Journey into the multidimensional realms of the Halls of Amenti and experience the Halls of the Initiate to recalibrate your energy bodies and align with your Higher Consciousness. Experience the expansive galactic energy and anchor in more of your StarSeed Frequency. We will use Sacred Geometry and the transformational energy of the Emerald Tablet to accelerate your connection to your Divine Blueprint. Experiencing the Emerald Tablets is the most transformational experience you will ever have.

Panel: Starseed Activation Panel 2024
Light Activation

Saturday, Feb 10th 9:30am-11:30am
Room: Los Angeles

Who are the Starseeds? They are extraordinary individuals with unique energetic frequencies and spiritual origins. They are the advanced souls who are incarnating at this time to contribute to the collective awakening.  They are individuals just like us who are activating the Light channels and advancing the Planetary ascension. We are the Starseeds!

Join us for this illuminating journey through the dimensions of spirit as we discover the purpose and mission of these light beings and the new generation of Starseeds that are alive on this planet now, doing the work of transformation and ascension.