Episode 014: What You Don’t Know About the Spirit World: Masters, Angels and Extra Dimensional Beings

There are so many different ideas of who and what are in the spirit world. As an advanced intuitive and an interdimensional traveler I will share with you my experiences and perception of the spirit world including Angels, Deceased Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Ghosts and Extra Dimensional Beings. I have literally gone the gamut of from being into angels and fairies and talking to these multi-dimensional collective consciousness beings. I've actually talked to so many different types of spirits that I want to share with you who and what they are and give you a larger perspective. I also [...]

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Episode 013: Why You Need to Have a Purpose and How to Discover Yours

People assume a purpose means that they are doing something really important in their life, whether it is a purpose of a job or spiritual community, or doing readings or healings. they assume a purpose means that they are  contributing to the spiritual awakening or their own desire to do spiritual things or to help others. I share lots of information on what you can do to feel more on purpose and how to discover how to "be" your purpose. I don't want you to struggle trying to figure out your purpose so you will hear some advice on [...]

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Episode 012: Clarity About Protests, Our Leadership and Consciousness Into Oneness

There is a different perspective to see the world and it's from a place of oneness instead of duality. But why are we fixated on the polarity of good vs bad and right vs wrong? It's because you were conditioned at an early age to perceive the world that way and the ego plays an important role in that. I will also explain why the riots, protests and crazy energy is happening which is a different perspective then what you may think. Those in power want the masses to stay in fear and separation, we are much easier to [...]

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Episode 011: Your True Nature, Intuition & My Story About Lemuria/Atlantis

In this episode, I will share two stories that will help you understand more about intuition and your ego's voice. In the first story, I joke that I am now a first responder and why I followed my intuition in that moment and what it felt like. I share some great insight into your higher consciousness and why your ego talks you out of connecting with your intuition. In order to open to your intuition, you need to be more aware of your ego since the ego can block your intuition.I also have a crazy story of being in [...]

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Episode 010: The Real Law of Attraction

In the Real Law of Attraction episode you will learn that manifestation and creation is important for your spiritual growth and how to use the law of expansion to support your manifestations. I share the things you do in your manifestations that make them backfire and how to shift the energy so you can create the things you do want. I also share the two ways the Law of Attraction work and which one is better for manifesting. This is an automated transcript. Please read with the understanding there may be some mistakes. :) Transcription (00:00): In [...]

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Episode 007: Connect, Communicate and Meditate with the Earth, Fairies and Elementals

Episode 007: Connect, Communicate and Meditate with the Earth, Fairies and Elementals I’m so excited for this episode about the elements, and elementals. I will share my personal fairy and elemental stories and I will teach you how to connect to the elementals like the fairies and water beings. Ancient cultures studied and communicated with the environment around them. They would connect to the elements like fire, air, water, and earth as well as animals to receive information. Have you ever had a dream about water and wondered what it was trying to tell [...]

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Episode 006: WTF is an energy vampire?

Episode 006: WTF is an energy vampire? Christalene from “A Visionary Intuitive” and I have a great discussion about energy vampires, how to recognize them and avoid the energy drain that comes with them. Learn to deal with these vampires to prevent their kind of issues coming up for you in the future. Discern what kind of people you want to be around and what kind of person you are attracting. Understand how to spot them and what an energy vampire is. https://www.christalene.com/ https://melissafeick.kartra.com/page/DivineLovePg https://melissafeick.com/multidimensional-healing/ This is an automated transcript. Please [...]

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Episode 005: How to be more joyful by connecting to your Spiritual Power

Episode 005: How to be more joyful by connecting to your Spiritual Power Power is part of the human experience but what does it really mean for the spiritual seeker? In this episode, I will explain the difference between spiritual power and ego power, and how to prevent the ego power from holding you back. Empower yourself to be responsible for your experience in the world, and for your own integrity. See spiritual power as an energy of compassion, love, strength connecting to our souls. Become more authentic and real. https://melissafeick.kartra.com/page/DivineLovePg https://melissafeick.com/multidimensional-healing/ [...]

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