Spiritual Growth & Soul Contracts

Last week I traveled to Denver, CO, to dog-sit my son's new puppy. While traveling and being in a different house, I always do a few things to make sure the environment is at the highest vibration.  But this time I was feeling off, and I cleared the energy out of the house again, but that didn't work either. As I closed my eyes to go into meditation, I realized that I felt off!  Duh! I forgot to clear my energy! I was so busy clearing the house and infusing the space with high frequencies that I neglected myself. [...]

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Spiritual Growth & Soul Contracts

Lately, I have been working in the Galactic Akashic Records and looking at contracts and agreements. You can have contracts with religions, families, individuals, and even civilizations.  These contracts can be from past lives or your current life. They activate the challenges and experiences you will have to facilitate your spiritual growth. The Akashic Records hold information about all your soul contracts from every lifetime. By accessing this wisdom, you can gain clarity on the agreements you made and how they're playing out in our current reality. So, how do you know if you have a limiting soul contract? [...]

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Nurture the Most Important Relationships

As a channel, I am always working on my relationships with my guides, angels, Ascended Masters, and Galactic Councils. I believe that nurturing your relationships with your spiritual team will help you immensely on your spiritual path. Even if you don’t know who your spiritual team is, start calling in the angels and the galactic councils or call in your higher self to start.  Don’t wait for permission to contact an Ascended Master. Just start somewhere! And if you already know your guides, keep a running dialog to keep the relationships fresh and energized.  No matter how long you’ve been connecting [...]

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Mysteries of Your Ascension Light Codes

Yes, the solar flares and the Ascension are intimately related. I have so much I want to say about it, but I will start with this: We are being upgraded, and solar flares are one of the ways this happens, but it’s not the only way. Solar flares are massive explosions on the sun's surface that release intense bursts of energy, light, and high-speed particles into space. The coronal mass ejections (CMEs) emit huge expulsions of plasma that can impact Earth's magnetic field. And remember, all humans have an electromagnetic field.  While channeling information from the Grid Builders, [...]

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Activating Your Divine Blueprint

Did you know that your DNA is more than just a genetic blueprint? Within your cells and DNA, there is a light-filled receiver. The photons in your cells and DNA respond to light code energy that is downloaded as "codes" from higher dimensions. We've long known that we only access a small percentage of our DNA's potential. The rest has been mislabeled as "junk DNA." This dormant DNA is actually a sleeping repository of divinity, just waiting to be activated. Activated Light Codes are vibrational keys that switch on your latent spiritual gifts and memories. Like ethereal zip files, they carry sacred geometric information that [...]

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Elevate Your Spiritual Journey

During your spiritual awakening, it’s imperative to look for ways to deepen your connection with the Divine part of yourself and activate your highest potential. One powerful way to do this is by tuning into the "Christ Consciousness" - not as a religious concept, but as a universal spiritual force of Light, Love, and Heart Wisdom. The Christ Consciousness is pure awareness and unconditional Love embodied by Ascended Masters. Everyone has the Christ spark within, and it’s connected to your spiritual heart. The energy of compassion, love, forgiveness, and service to others activates that Christ (or Divine) Spark in your heart. [...]

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Defeating Ego Confusion

I believe that the ego is just a part of the human experience, but the ego can get a bit carried away at times. It may start whining because it seeks validation, attention and control. This can lead to attachment, suffering, and a sense of separation from your true self. So, your ego can mess with your spiritual journey and your connection with your higher guidance. Your ego wants to be in charge, and it’s scared of things going wrong, so it tries really hard to control everything. But here's the catch: this need for control often interrupts the [...]

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Surprising New Frequency of Transformation

This month, pay attention to where your thoughts, feelings and energy are focused! The energy you focus on is what you create, especially this month! This is the frequency of new beginnings. Since the solar eclipse is the same time as the new moon and it conjuncts Chrion, you want to take time to focus on what you desire for yourself and humanity. It is best to go with a positive tone. Not “Humanity… everything is so messed up, I’m afraid, so make it better.” That is the energy of desperation and fear which no longer fits [...]

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