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When Negativity Becomes Love

For many years my focus has been to be of service. How I have expressed it has changed but underlying it all I know it’s where I am to focus my energy. Over the last few months I realized that it’s not really about service, it’s about holding the space for love. My friend really drove that home for me a few weeks ago and I am seeing it in a whole new light. Between my friend and a serious mediation practice I am seeing why love is so important. I want to hold the energy of love in all [...]

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Follow Your Guidance Even When You Don’t Want To

Back in 2005 my guides kept telling me not to just go to Sedona, Az but to bring a group of people with me. That was the craziest idea I had ever heard because I had never been to Sedona and I didn’t know anything about the area or how to run a retreat. This was way out of my comfort zone, how could I pull something like this off? I started researching and reading books about the area and the energy there. I looked into hotels and car rentals as well as what to do while there. I [...]

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Is He or She the ONE??!! The Ultimate Betrayal

As an intuitive I get this question so often I have to take a breath and make sure I’m not experiencing Ground Hog Day.  The situation is that there are too many lonely, sad people who just want to be loved.  I totally understand this feeling, we all crave love, connection and want to feel like we belong. The problem with asking the question of “is he/she the One” is that when we ask that question we are focused on the outcome and the expectations of who and what “the One” is.  We feel this desperation and a need to [...]

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