Back in 2005 my guides kept telling me not to just go to Sedona, Az but to bring a group of people with me. That was the craziest idea I had ever heard because I had never been to Sedona and I didn’t know anything about the area or how to run a retreat. This was way out of my comfort zone, how could I pull something like this off?

I started researching and reading books about the area and the energy there. I looked into hotels and car rentals as well as what to do while there. I had everything in place so I created a flyer about the retreat. I added all the things we would do and experience.

Now came the hard part, advertising and telling everyone about the retreat. This was a huge risk to for me!

Everything was done, I had a place for us to stay, car reserved, schedule set, all I had to do was hit the send button on an email and it would be done. The fear inside told me to stop, don’t do it! This fear was saying things like: “They may not like you” and “No one will sign up”.

So here I was, conflicted between the voice inside my head yelling at me to run and hide and my guides and angels telling me to trust and it will all be OK.

I was so afraid and I just could not bring myself to be vulnerable and let people know about the retreat. In meditation, one day, I told my guides and angels if they really wanted me to do this they had to give me a sign.

That day I was riding in my car and I heard on the radio “there is an accident on Sedona Ave” Ok I thought, that was interesting! I’ve never heard of that that street before. (I looked later and there is no Sedona Ave in my area or my state, haha)

That evening I was in a class and someone brought out a huge magazine and said “Have you ever seen this magazine before?” and right at the top, in huge letters was SEDONA! I about fell off my chair, I turned to my friend and said “Can I get any bigger sign?”, and we laughed!

Ok, they made it really clear they wanted me to do this. OMG I’m going to do this… and I did. It was not easy and it was not perfect but it was the best decision I’ve made. It showed me how to trust my guidance and trust that I am being taken care of. I still question my guidance but usually follow through on it anyway. My thought is, what does it matter if the guidance is wrong? My ego wants me to believe that my higher wisdom isn’t to be trusted but I remind myself not to give into that fabricated belief.

Trust is so difficult for us as humans because our ego is constantly telling us to be afraid and not to take risks. Taking a group to an area of the country I had never been to was a tremendous risk and really scary. I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how I would pull it off. If I took these people there I would have to drive them around, take them to places I’ve never been and lead them in meditations. This was crazy and risky.

I have mentored many people over the years and they always tell me that they know what their guidance is and that they want to follow it but they are too afraid to do so. Yes, there is always a risk but I have found that the bigger risk is listening to the fear. Recognize that there is always an unknown in life, always! In all honesty, you don’t even know what will happen in any given day, at any given time. You may think you know that at 8pm your favorite TV show will be on but instead the President is having a conference. Yup even when you are sure, you are never really sure.

We are here to get outside our comfort zone to take risks and to push beyond our limitations. The world is an illusion and if you trust more in your higher guidance and less in the ego fear your life will be more exciting and fun!

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