Have I ever told you that I’m obsessed with Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment? Well, I am! I’ve been consumed by the book for many years. It has nothing to do with the author or the story. It has to do with the concept of Surrender.

In the mid 1990’s I took classes with my first teachers, Mike and Pat. I wasn’t their favorite. Nope, not even in the least bit. I was way too inquisitive and young. When I would ask a question that Pat didn’t like she would say, “You’re not ready for the, honey”. That answer would frustrate me and make me wonder why a question shouldn’t be answered. This wasn’t personal information, I had spiritual questions that you can find on the internet now, but at that time I relied on my teachers and books for information.

While in class, on a Monday evening, everyone was taking a turn sharing a story about their week. As I was sitting there, I knew what I was going to talk about. I was just present with my classmate’s words when I felt this strong loving energy envelop me.

I felt safe and calm as I completely surrendered into the energy.

When it became my turn to talk, I said, “From now on I’m not going to try to control my life, I’m going to Let go and Let God.”

At the time, that was a common phrase connected to the practice of Surrender. Pat was livid with me. She wasn’t happy with what I said, and she wasn’t very nice with her delivery. I wasn’t affected by her anger because I had ArchAngel Michael surrounding me. Unfortunately, my dear friend who sat next to me received the blow because she loved me and as an empath she felt Pat’s anger.

Like every story, there are so many layers, it was about how AA Michael protecting me before I knew I needed to be protected and it had showed me what it felt like to Surrender. When his energy enveloped me, I surrendered to it.

I didn’t spend time thinking about it or wondering who it was. I just knew the energy felt loving and powerful and it felt nature to Surrender into it.

You can have boundaries, protection, and free will while being in a place of Surrender. For me, Surrender is more empowering than letting my ego get all whiny and demanding.

I’ve experienced so many transitions this year and it’s been the worst and best year of my life. During this time, the practice of Surrender has been paramount for me. Every time I tried to control a situation, I noticed how the energy felt restricted and my life seemed a little more difficult.

What did I do? I meditated a lot and I practiced Surrender. Not just lip service, I tried to live in a place of Surrender.

I stopped trying to make things happen. I didn’t give up; surrender is about allowing the flow and it has nothing to do with giving up.

My new question is “Is this my business?”. It is a new way I am looking at Surrender. Is it my business how the situation unfolds? Is it my business who gets to talk first? Is it my business where my daughter decides to go to school? It takes so much pressure off me but then again, it’s not my ego’s favorite way to handle matters.

My ego insists that it is my business because if I don’t control it what will happen? Yup, there are times that’s actually the conversation in my head.

I was working with my client and I mentioned how to use Surrender with the problem she was having. Instead of spending time thinking about what she needs to do, say to the Universe, Spirit, your Higher Consciousness (or insert any name you need here) “I Surrender it to you, you to take care of it!”.

Your Higher Consciousness is smarter than you are, it knows the best way to handle any situation. Your ego will try to manipulate the how, what, and why of the different circumstances. The ego can be demanding and self-righteous.

Surrendering makes the ego anxious and annoyed. Like a child you will want to stick to what you said. “Ego, my friend, I told you I’m surrendering this problem to my higher consciousness, please respect my decision!” Yup, another conversation I have in my head.

For me, surrender is a practice, just like meditation. As a practice there are always certain levels and opportunities to practice. A few days ago, while in meditation, I heard that I should do something with my life. Right in meditation I said “Yes. I surrender to how it unfolds, just show me the way.”

I am surrendering and asking the Universe to leave a breadcrumb trail that I can easily follow. So today I asked a friend for a referral of a professional I will need, and I called the referral. I didn’t sit around waiting for what I wanted to knock on my door! I took the action steps I’m shown.

To completely surrender you must take action steps as long as you surrender into the steps.

I love to follow the signs and breadcrumbs. The path the universe unfolds for me is much more fun and easier than what my ego would have me do.

I hope to inspire you to surrender something today. It may help to keep a journal about your experience with surrender.

Much Love